Enter Josh's 'In The Round' Tour Poster Competition

Enter Josh's 'In The Round' Tour Poster Competition

Josh would like to invite fans to design the 'In The Round' tour poster. Simply enter the competition through Talenthouse and put your creative ambitions to work. Two winning entries will be selected as chosen by Josh and voted on by fans to win a signed version of their poster along with a host of other goodies.

To get started, click here and start designing!

oh,i don`t know where to start?with which program i should design it??

Are there any additional rules beyond the ones posted on the talenthouse website?

1) Is it only one entry per person, or are multiple entries allowed?
2) Are there any physical size requirements (11x17, 18x24, etc) or just the 5mb upload limit?
3) If we have photos of Josh that we've taken on our own cameras at concerts, are those acceptable to use without violating copyright?

I would love to have a bit more information. Not sure where's the right place to ask.

Great project, wish all contestants good luck!

Yep, great idea! Watch the news!

That's a great idea of a contest! Unfortunately, I have no designer talents...but I came up with a side slogan:
Every Seat a Great Seat!
Get Yourself G-Rounded (You're Gonna Love That)!
Best of luck to all the contestants!

<3 You *ARE* Loved <3