Josh On US TV Tomorrow

Josh On US TV Tomorrow

Josh will return to US television tomorrow, September 18th, with two very special performances.

Starting on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Josh will perform "I Believe." Following, catch Josh on the America's Got Talent finale as a performing guest. America's Got Talent airs on NBC at 9/8c while Ellen's local listings can be found here.

Make sure to mark your calendar and support Josh on these two special TV appearances.

Oh. Ellen. And Josh. So sorry to have missed it. SIgh.

Hey I just watched it, great! Send you a big Hug and greetings, you were fantastic!

Watch that FLIGHT = WTF!
What the FUN = WTF
Where's the FUN = WTF! UP!
Where's the Flight Josh? = WTF ?

FY = Find Your...
Love conquers all!
The only thing between Josh and Me is one BIG Dinosaur! In a Zipper!

I L Y = I love Yosh!

Brace yourself FOLKS! Josh Groban is taking Flight lessons!

What THE FUN! Keep The FAther in Heaven close!
There is no helmet for flying...
Jesus is the King of the Universe!

Josh Groban is Man of the Year 2014!

Listen up! Josh is Forever Y+OURs!

I Believe Josh Can Fly! I believe! I Beh! I Believe! = BIBLE

Face Book!


Jesus is the King of the Universe! Yo KING!

Take it to the grapevine!

UP! UP and A Way!

Lovingly and

Jackie/ Apple!


Happy to see the performance. I again came back to the live shows after giving it up. Congrats for returning

What a great performance on Ellen today. Congrats to Josh on learning to fly. It sounds like he really enjoys doing it!

I as well saw that BEAUTIFUL performance:)!! You are so much braver than I am learning how to fly and getting your Awesome license to do so:D!! Fantastic Job:D!!

I always watch America's Got Talent, so I definitely will see you on that one. Will be working when Ellen is on, but will be with you in spirit! Take care. Love your music. We go to bed every night together. For this old lady, that sure is a great thing! :)

i do it .. thanks so much for sharing it .. good luck there.. hugs and Cariños for you .JS
P.S. please send pics of Sweeney .. i miss him

Josh I love your cover picture.. It's so perfect.. My husband catches me looking at you all the time.. hehe.. not funny though, I'm in big trouble..I have to calm my liver down.. lol.. but at least I'm glad I'm not alone.. you have a slew of women loving you.. lol.. so what else is new?.. Hey Take Care hope I get picked for meet & greet.. I already put in for it.. Tell Sarah, Whats Up for me?.. It will be the last time I will be seeing you according to my other half.. aye vey.. Lordy Lord.. lol.. anyhow, take care my fairytale friend.. lol.. Peace.. and continued success.. God Bless!! :)

Saw it Josh Always Beautiful.. Hey maybe I could be your co-pilot.. I have a school airport just 15 min away from me.. lol... Just a thought.. hehe.. now you know I'm only kidding right?.. maybe.. The song you sang was just as good as the first time we heard it.. Very Nice Joshy baby.. lol..Peace..:)

Everyone is so excited about your return to television Josh. Will certainly be watching.

i will certainly be watching both of the shows.


Be watching both.

Go Joshie Washie!

Congrats for returning to public TV. Unfortunately, I'll miss Ellen's show because of work. I could take a couple of hours off, but mind wins over heart. Hopefully, his performance will appear on YouTube or here for us to watch. My AGT reminder is taped to my TV so I plan to watch. See you soon Josh.
Take care,