Bless This Table – A Groban Family Recipe

Bless This Table – A Groban Family Recipe

Josh has shared his mom Lindy's family Christmas breakfast recipe in the new book Bless This Table that celebrates the importance of families gathering around the home dining table. ‘Bless This Table’, by authors Teri Diamond and Jaymes Foster, contains a collection of treasured family recipes from celebrities, that have special meaning to them. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to assist those who struggle with hunger in the USA.

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WOW! Definitely try to buy this book. I love Josh so much! I love all his music. By the way, if you happen in buying instagram followers at a very affordable price, you can check out their awesome site by just clicking below. Don't worry coz they're real and legit.

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Bought it! I keep raving to my mom about how perfect her Christmas gift is going to be.

It's always exciting to try new recipes. Can't wait till weekend.

Great Josh and Ms.Lindy I will place my order soon.. As a cook myself I always like to try new recipes.. Thank you for sharing your love of home good cooking :) Peace...

Yes! I know what I'm getting my mom for Christmas! Thanks Josh, you are an awesome dude.

I ordered it on Wednesday and got it Saturday. Can't wait to try out some recipes. Especially Josh's moms recipe!

It's very nice and noble task - and pleasure to see it day.. :) Wonderful idea! <3

Great stuff here. The information and the detail were just perfect. I think that your perspective is deep.

What a brilliant idea and way to help!

Wonderful:D!!! I will DEFINITELY going to try and buy this book , I always LOVE to learn new recipes:D!! Thank You So Very Much for Sharing this :D!!

I would love to try a treasured recipe from Lindy's table...

What a grand idea!

It's no surprised that Josh has contributed to such a worthwhile project that donates a portion of the proceeds to help feed those who struggle with hunger in the US. Bravo!

I am going to try to buy this book. Proceeds definitely go to a good cause.

Although Josh claims he can't cook, he definitely "feeds by example." I like that sales proceeds will benefit the hungry. This certainly extends from his experience and participation in the Living Below the (poverty) Line project. Kudos Josh!!

I have to buy this for my daughter in law, Samantha, she'll love it!!

Am going to try and buy this book

Sigh, it's not available for International fans..

WOW! I'm impressed! <3