Josh To Release New Digital Single “Your Hideaway"

Josh To Release New Digital Single “Your Hideaway"

Josh will release a digital-only single, entitled “Your Hideaway,” on December 17th through all online retailers. The track, which was written by Josh, Tawgs Salter, and Simon Wilcox, was recorded during the sessions for his most recent album, All That Echoes, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200 chart, giving him his first No. 1 debut and third chart-topping album.

“When making an album you always record more songs than you can include on the final version due to a limited number of spots,” Groban explains. ‘Your Hideaway’ was one of those songs. I always believed it deserved a home, and I wanted the fans to hear it right away, so I am thrilled that is finally going to be released to the public.”

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I really love this idea of releasing a song that didn't make it to the album. It's like reading a wonderful letter from a friend where the most important news and things have just been said, but then find a 'P.S.' at the bottom with a couple more warm words :)
Thank you for this! :)

A perfect christmasgift for all your fans. I'm counting the days until I can listen to your new song. I already know it's awesome. Lots of love :-)

well guess what i will be doing on December 17th. i will certainly be listening to it and download it if i can.

Mensch toll. Nur noch ein paar Tage bis zum neuen Lied. Hoffe Du wirst auch mal ein deutsches Lied singen.

A new song from Josh and the great Christmas movies on Lifetime and Hallmark. It is going to be the best month ever.

A new song from Josh and the great Christmas movies on Lifetime and Hallmark. It is going to be the best month ever.

What a great surprise...can't wait to hear this song!!

So looking forward to it.You were so wonderful in concert this year .I really love All That Echoes . Merry Christmas to you and your family . Thank you <3

Thank u, Josh!! I wish it came w/ a Zanny one of u too. :)

Just another thing to look forward to! I already know it's going to be great! Thanks, Josh! You're amazing.

I`d love to give this song a home...;)

A great Christmas gift, can`t wait to listen to it. Thanks a lot
Josh, really great news.

Love you always. :)

Waiting patiently for the 17th........I will be a GREAT song i know!!!!!

just saw a re-run of Robot Chicken,who did you voice for?

Ohhhhh the irony... lol!

That's great!! What a wonderful Christmas surprise that is, thank you so much Josh!

Dear Josh:
I just can't wait to heart it!!!
Thanks so much for that!
Blessings and love! :)

Can't wait! I'll be looking for it. Also, since I couldn't
see you in the round, I'm looking forward to Tanglewood this summer.


Josh, I can't wait to hear it. I hope it will be on you tube. Josh when are you going to make more movies and TV appearances? You such a natural and very talented behind the camera.

Can't wait to hear the new song I am so excited

I can't wait to hear this new song so I can respond back :) Punkin is so excited she will not let me type this out, I know it will be a hit straight to the heart...

This is awesome! I'll be looking forward to listening to Josh's beautiful song,Your Hideaway.

Very Cool! His songs are beautiful, your voice does anyone dreaming. Your musicians are wonderful. The perfect combination.

Best Christmas present ever!

Loved the "In The Round" show here in Orlando, Fl. Looking forward to this digital release of a new song!

So looking forward to hearing the new song. Listening to you always makes me happy.

So very excited! *Happy Dance*

Awesome, Cannot wait!! Thanks for giving us the heads up.

Cannot wait, Josh!!! :D Thanks!

I love Josh's incredible voice. I just found another incredible vocalist, RYAN JIROVEC from The Voice, on YouTube. He just released a cover video of Unconditionally so check it out! You'll be blown away at this kid's voice!


Woo-hoo! Can't wait for the new single!!! :-D

beleza, nova cançao...vamos aguardar...

Great Josh can't wait, driving home 3 hr drive from my moms great weekend. On the road listening to Guess Who? lol Hope you had a great Thanksgiving with family. Take care & Thank you for your single we will enjoy it I'm sure. Peace :)

Can't wait!

Whoo Whoo can not wait to hear it !

Sounds like you wrote it just for me

Wow...OMG....It will be really really incredible...!!!!
Love you more than so very much !!!
Best wishes from Iran <3...

Fantastic...always love new music...

so nice to have another song from Josh...and just in time for Christmas too..

Awesome news!!!!!!

Great, will get it as soon as I can. Hope Josh will sing it in front of a camera soon that it will get onto youtube. Wish he could make a No 1 Christmas song in the UK.