“Your Hideaway” Cover Reveal

“Your Hideaway” Cover Reveal

It is our pleasure to premiere Josh’s new song cover for “Your Hideaway.” The track was recorded during the All That Echoes sessions and will be released digitally on December 17th. Check back soon for more information on the release.

You place to go and unwind, write your lyrics, and think WITH A CHILLED BOTTLE OF WINE.... there. That's much more like home hu......lol lol... Love to you.

I like to think this is the home where you/Josh G. go to write your lyrics and just unwind and think. YES????

What a beautiful picture this is! The house looks so warm and inviting - a perfect haven of peace and harmony. And there is even a light from a higher window. How I wish I could be there!

I can see it now, What A WONDERFUL cover, I really LOVE the blue colors, the yellow light in the window; the sky: It could be dawn or dusk Very Artistically Creative :D!! I like the symbolism too: when darkness falls, there is always a Light inside to be there beside you :). Thank You so Much for posting this :D!!

Beautiful picture, is early the morning or late night? The light meaning mysterious, will see, can't wait to hear. I love to hear any songs Josh sing.

Ohhh the irony in the situation and the song title... You kill me man!!!

Josh Groban is singing "Your Hideaway" Live in NYC !!!!!!!!!
It's really really wonderful !!!!!

HOME SWEET HOME!!!Beautifull!!!!!!!!!!!


What Wonderful News :D!! My computer won't show me this LOVELY picture:(, However, I will keep trying :). I am very much looking forward to this new Awesome Song :D! Thank You So Much for Sharing This :D!!

...mysterious :) I like the colors...

Very metaphoric cover. it can be a house by the beach or it can be a house in the mountain?? It can be a place in the heart. Cannot wait to listen to the song. Thank you.

Very nice Josh.. "your Hideaway huh.. can't wait to hear it.. But I must say you're a Brat.. just had to say that.... because you're not telling us what it is.. lol.. Beautiful cover...I'm sure it will be great!!!

Nice cover. Simple elegance! Looking forward to this song! Thanks Josh!!

nice cover~ simple, yet it threw me to deep imagination.~
"your hideaway" , excited to hear that~

I can't wait for it .. thanks so much and have a fantastic week. hugs .JS

Really amazing... lovely cover!! :) cannot wait!!

Awwww!!! I am so happy!!! <3

This cover rises up the expectation... can't wait to hear "Your Hideaway".

Love the cover...makes me think of a place in CT that I used to go to! Looking forward to hearing the lyrics and music <3

Wow........Can't wait to hear this song !!!!!!!
Love you so very much <3 !!!
Best wishes from Iran !!!

Beautiful cover!
Have a feeling "Your Hideaway" is going to be heart clenching.

Lovely cover. Thanks for sharing it ahead of time. Can not hardly wait until next week to hear the song.