Josh Returns To Target For A Toys For Tots Shopping Spree

Josh Returns To Target For A Toys For Tots Shopping Spree

Josh returns to Target for his annual Toys For Tots shopping spree. Find out what Josh picked by watching the new video webisode here or through the embed below.

And on behalf of Josh and the Find Your Light Foundation, we would like to send a special “thank you” to all of the fans for supporting this year’s toy drive. To find out how you can contribute to Toys For Tots, click here.


It was a brilliant Xmas present releasing Your Hideaway. Thanks muchly. Also enjoyed listening to Noel, which I bought back in August and kept unplayed until Dec 1st. Think how many years it was out there and I didn't Know.. Better late than never.
Happy 2014 to you and the Groband and your family inc. Sweeney.
In Gratitude,
Lindy M

Happy 8:)

Janie - Josh is a grown man perfectly capable of posting his OWN news (if it were true). Please refrain from obsessively repeating your previous assertions ad nauseum and let us celebrate a delusion free 2014.
Really, just because you keep posting this over and over does NOT make it true. Perhaps the new ACA will cover some much needed mental health counseling. Sorry to be so blunt, but I didn't pay to join his club to be constantly spammed and have to wade through your ridiculous stuff every time I log on. Be considerate of his other fans and stop it.


But I am so Happy. :)

Please stop cluttering this site up with your repetitive posts - just DM him if you're engaged and let the rest of his fan base read his news without having to wade through all your delusions. Thanks




toys for tots, has barbies lots.


Did you get a Splinter?


I beat Josh at shopping...Thank God it wasn't at Target...I wish Target the best next year.

:><: Nexy, next year hehe, morning Josh, maybe we will be shopping for Toys for Tots together!!



Wegettingmarriedmerrychristmas!! *<:)*<:)

You need a few female fans to help you pick out the girly toys, you slow down in the doll department every year. Merry Christmas Everyone!

TOTS *<:)<)= FROM andTARGET Joshhand lovely folks who care.

*,,* FOR

(=>** TOYS

So much love and caring! Thank you for all you do for the children! You are loved!! Merry Christmas Josh Groban!

Toys for Tots rocks. Anor all you do hanks fd JOsh t wowhehehehe keyboardmasistyChrrrSomkeyboardh my witeone messing hahahha Hi honey. Me. Love u

That is so amazing. Josh is a wonderful person.

A great man with a great heart! :-)

Santa Josh is a wonderful man (with a 9-yr. old living inside), love that he does this every year. He has the BIGGEST heart! Happy and proud, we can participate too, through GFC and Grobie volunteers.

Those kids are lucky to have Santa Josh - they will surely get the best presents for Christmas, exactly what they wished for :)))
Love this video!

Such fun and great job!

It was really wonderful Josh !!!!
Love you more than so very much <3
Best wishes from Iran !!

I can see you being a great Dad someday.

I think that is so Wonderful and Awesome :D!! You were so funny:D!! I think I saw Crayola Art!! Good Choice, I really liked those when I was little, LOL:).

Josh can you get me a tickle me elmo?.. I really need a good laugh.. lol.. I'm a big baby too.. you know.. lol..:)..Hey, only kiddin.. Great Job Josh..

Ninja Turtles . . . PIZZA!
Easy Bake Oven . . . light bulb . . . too slow
Delivery. Yep.

I always love this. Great job Josh!

Who's wrapping them?