Josh Groban: Sing Your Song: A YoungArts MasterClass

Josh Groban: Sing Your Song: A YoungArts MasterClass

Josh will star in the HBO special, Josh Groban: Sing Your Song: A YoungArts MasterClass, on January 21st. The 30 minute episode will air at 6:30 PM ET/PT on HBO. Watch the official episode trailer by clicking here.

Dearest Josh:

Please do more "Movie concerts". You are great.
Thanks for sharing your tallent with us.
Dorothy First

My dearest Josh, you are not only a gifted artist who has worked so hard to be where you are but also someone who has been blessed with an extra ordinary talent and a phenomenal voice, someone who has enriched my life in so many ways. What a beautiful thing to do for these new aspiring students. I truly admire you for taking the time to share what you have learnt in such a short while, with who I think are 3 very lucky students. You gave them the opportunity of a lifetime, something that they have experienced only in their most precious dreams. In my opinion, knowledge comes in different forms and from various paths, and not just from books and courses. A well-rounded education cannot possibly be obtained by having only academics under our belt. In fact, experiences are what enhance and develop one’s knowledge. They bring a different perspective, and an additional source of knowledge which is just as valuable as the one obtained in school. By doing this Josh, you not only were able to share your own personal experiences with them but you also gave them the opportunity to make their own, something they will cherish forever. Your kind-hearted nature and exceptional talent will without a doubt provide the encouragement and motivation that any aspiring artist needs. Thank you for being you.

I agree with what Everyone said. I think It is so Wonderful that you give of yourself all your knowledge about Music and Singing :)!! You are a Wonderful Person and Teacher :D!!

Josh you have no idea what a special thing this is for teenagers and young adults.. You are truely amazing.. I wish my mom would have done something for me when I was younger.. And I kinda lost it as I got older and just put it passion has been a silent one with a cry inside, but I'm older now and getting over it.... I see this and I get so happy young kids are finding their most inner joy..I guess this is why I feel so emotionally connected to Josh because of the things he does for others makes my heart happy to see this.. Thank you for sharing that Josh that is wonderful... God Bless you always.. :) Peace..

This is really cool of Josh to do. His experiences and their memories of doing this with an accomplished artist will be forever etched in their history. What a wonderful workshop for young people to expand their talents and dreams. WAY TO GO Josh! So proud of you.
Take care,