YoungArts MasterClass Playlist

YoungArts MasterClass Playlist

Josh has contributed 5 song selections to the YoungArts MasterClass Spotify playlist. Check out the 5 songs that continue to inspire Josh by clicking here and read Josh’s commentary on why he picked each song.

I just saw the YoungArts MasterClass "Sing Your Song" session on HBO and it was outstanding. I have always greatly admired your talent and now I am even more impressed to know you are a great mentor. The work you did with those three kids was outstanding! Keep up the good work!

Josh I said it before and I'll say it again.. You are truely amazing and not because you're Josh Groban, but because you have shown a different side of you that I love and that's caring and sharing of yourself with others whether is on stage in letting someone sing with you or just being personable which not a lot of artist are..And as for me I don't see the fame/rich side of you, that doesn't do anything for me, But I do see the caring, loving,kind side of you which that if I were in your shoes, That would be me too..I think I would have done the very same thing.. That's special Josh and I pray that God continues to pour his love on you to continue to give of yourself to these kids. I love to see that.. It's sort of a mirror of something I never had growing up, but it's sure nice to see it now with other kids. Thank you Josh for showing this love of music. You make me so sentimental and your songs have lifted me up to become a different person.. I love life more now and I'm so different now all because of you and the hope you give others.. As God's helpers Josh, this is what we do.. Some people are fortunate to help in the ways you do and some just inspire others to continue and that's where I fit in.. so I hope I can continue to inspire you with my words of wisdom as you have inspired me to continue to live and move forward within my journey.. So my Friend Keep on Keeping on and I'll keep on Loving it.. Peace and May God Continue to Bless you..♥Take Care♥ :)

Hi! Sorry that I write it here, but I don't know where else to write about my problem. May be any of administrators would read it and help me. For some reasons I can't enter community boards here to write posts there. I can read what's put in there, but as for myself, I cant' enter it (( when I try to sign in, it says that either my login or password is ncorrect, but it's not true. That's why I can't understand what's wrong with my account? I can comment here, but I can't right in there> so strange... Please, let me know what's wrong or what I'm doing incorrectly! Thank you in advance!

Amazing journey into the world of music inspirational for Josh and the guys from the YoungArts! The top 5 songs that Josh picked are so very characteristic of what he is doing musically and definitely give us a closer look and understanding of him as a person. And great choices by the young musicians as well. The whole idea of this collaboration is absolutely wonderful, I think. When you share your experience with someone, you also get something in return, something you might not have even expected, but it would change your worldview...Thank you!

What a Wonderfully diverse playlist :D!! I can't wait until the YoungArts MasterClass documentary begins :D! Thank You So Much for Posting this :D!!

It's really neat that Josh is getting involved in this, it seems like a terrific organization and like it really goes along with the ideals of the Find Your Light Foundation. Also, it is interesting to be able to see what kind of music Josh enjoys and inspired by, it's almost like a little window into his life, a chance to get to know him just a little better. If I had any musical talent whatsoever I would join that in a heartbeat.