Josh The Philosopher

Josh The Philosopher

The Huffington Post has profiled Josh as a Twitter philosopher. Read the full article by clicking here.

Josh, you have true insight! You do not lack youthfulness or maturity when necessary. It's okay to be silly at times and serious on those occasions when it's called for. You know how to relate to people. That's a great balance in your personality. I especially love your sense of humor, not to mention your smile..yes, I am a true fan of you as a whole. Singer, Actor, Song Writer, Romantic, Entertainer, Musician and smarter than anybody! Oh, sorry, forgot to say handsome, too! LOL

I guess I will have to start reading the tweets now. Since I have a fatal tendency to ramble, I have stayed away from Twitter, but I guess I can just read the tweets, I do not have to add my 2 cents worth, or I can learn to be more concise.

I have always loved the way your mind works, Josh. It is one of my most favorite things about you. XOXO

I adore reading Josh's tweets! It's always such a fun and pleasure!

I totally Agree, You are a very kind and considerate person; the Most AWESOME Teacher, the YoungArts HBO documentary was very insightful; taught me how you can show others how to write a song from your heart :D. Thank You for All You Do :D!!

You're a true Renaissance man, Josh.