Josh Featured In The Wall Street Journal

Josh Featured In The Wall Street Journal

Read a new WSJ article highlighting Josh’s recently experiencing working with three musicians in HBO’s YoungArts Masterclass. Check out the feature by clicking here.

Watched the episode when I tuned in just by chance. Was thankful I caught it! Josh is a great mentor & was inspiring to watch. Learned that most of the Josh lyrics that repeat over & over in my head are called hooks - guess that's what has me hooked to his music...Ok now I'm getting cheesy...

Who better to teach it than someone who has lived it? You did good, Josh!!

Yay, Josh!

Way to go Josh... Cool Deal.. Keep up the Good Work!!! :)Peace

I must agree with the others. These young artists could not have been given a better teacher. How many singer/songwriters, when asked questions about himself, would have said "I'm sick of me" and turned the spotlight back on his students, where it should have been. My hat off to Josh, not only for his brief collaboration with these young people, but for all of his ongoing charitable efforts. I do believe he is one of the best artists out there, not only for his prowess on the stage and in the studio, but also for his efforts off stage. May you continue to learn and grow.

Groban is now the New Grit...

A new beginning!

It was a real joy reading this article. Josh is always so generous and helpful to aspiring young artists and I'm sure they will never forget the time they spent with him. He is a shining example of the good that one person can achieve by sharing their own experience for the benefit of others. You're a great role model, Josh.

What a wonderful gift these three aspiring artists have received. They have met an artist who is truthful, humble and honest. Josh keeps it real.

What a Wonderful Article :D!! When I was watching the HBO YoungArts Documentary, I was thinking the same thing, You are a very good teacher, Encouraging each singer to find his or her own way of expressing themselves ( Oh, I really hope that makes sense :P :)) . Congratulations, You deserved to be recognized as one AWESOME Teacher :D!! Thank You So Very Much for Posting This :D!!