Josh To Release New Live Single

Josh To Release New Live Single

Josh will release a new live digital single entitled, "Remember When It Rained," on February 11th. The song was recorded live in Houston during Josh’s 2013 “In The Round” tour and features vocals by tour opener, Judith Hill. “Remember When It Rains” was originally released on Josh’s 2003 breakout album, Closer. The song will be available for download and streaming worldwide.

"Here's a little valentines gift from me to you. I love when live performances bring a whole new life to a song and I was so happy to collaborate with Judith Hill on this song every night of my In The Round tour. THANK YOU to everyone who came out to support us and enjoy our new live track of "Remember When It Rained!" - Josh

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loved this song on the album, love it more now!! <3

wow!! Judith Hill can Sing!!!









I can't wait to hear this version Josh!

I can not wait to hear it have never heard it before so looking forward to it Elmy, it will be a nice surprise :) My Great Grandmothers last name is Valentine...

Thank you Josh, I love this song and it means alot to me.. loved the duet with Judith Hill...When it rains it's always a good day because of you and your awesome songs... Josh wish you the best.. Once again Thank You and Happy Valentine to you too..♥ Peace:)xo

Thanks Josh. Loved this version at the Boston concert.

Merci beaucoup, Monsieur Groban.

Yay! This duet was the high point of my ITR concert experience

Thank you so much for this Valentine's Day gift! Can't wait! <3

I have not heard of this song before ; so I am very much looking forward to hearing this Song; reading your Wonderful Lyrics :D!! Thank You So Much for Posting This :D!!

This is the best! Thanks Josh and Judith, I'm looking forward to this new release of " Remember When It Rained".

This is exciting news Josh ! Remember when it Rained is one of my many favorites!
I truly enjoyed your performances with Judith Hill in KC *In the Round Tour *
You are a tremendous entertainer with your own unique style
graced with energy and a great sense of humor.
Thank you for sharing your music with us !
Thank you Pegi

Thank you Josh! We saw you in Tampa and loved your ITR tour! Thanks for the song! Beautiful! Love the duet by you and Judith Hill! Amazing!! You have a big and wonderful heart! ❤️

I can't wait to buy and listen to this song. I love this song by Josh Groban it's one of my favorite songs. It will be amazing. I can't wait to here it by Josh Groban soon.

Just what I needed to warm my day. We've had ice in Houston today. Stuck inside for the second time in a week due to ice and snow. I know people think we're crazy over a little ice and snow, but we don't get it often. I was at the concert in Houston. So glad it was recorded here. Thanks Josh!

Oh that's awesome ! I love this song, it's one of my favorites :)
Whenever I need inspiration to draw I listen to this song.
Thank you Josh, LOVE YOU xoxo

I love this song!! Josh, Will you be my Valentine? XXOO

This is a perfect gift. Thanks Josh and Judith. I loved hearing you sing together in Boston. Thank you

I love all of Josh's music, but this was definitely a standout song at the concert I went to in Dallas. This makes me so happy. Thank you so much.

Josh and Judith did a wonderful job on this song during the tour! Really looking forward to the release.

I had quite a bad day but when I saw this, it made me happier than ever. Thank you very much. :)

Wonderful! With love from Russia.

Thank you Josh and team for making this available. It was definately a memorable part of the ITR Tour. Looking forward to the 11th.

JUST AMAZING!!! Thanks sweetie!! XOXO <3