Happy Valentine’s Day Video From Josh

Happy Valentine’s Day Video From Josh

Josh has a Valentine’s Day for you! Watch the video embed below or click here.

Valentine is a very special and wonderful time of the year and every year it brings lots of happiness. This year i will wish to my dear ones with Valentine quotes and bring smile on their faces.

lol... Oh God you crack me up....lol...I see this over & over just for the end part...lol...

No wonder we love him :)

P.S. COOKIE(s) : Plural.

Josh, darling.
I'd like to preface this late V-Day comment with a disclaimer: I love (LOVE) Beyoncé as an artist and as a person, I realize, she's Queen- (that's the disclaimer) HOWEVER:

I'd do a LOT just to see you do something funny with the song "I've Been Drinking."

For the love of drunken chipmunk composition.

I need you. We all need you. That song needs you.

Do you like Valentines Day?

Yes. No.

Circle One.


Dinner for 1... I really need to improve my date night...I hope to change that by next year...Thank God for friends. I hope good tidings follow Josh from here on...I'd like to ask Josh out on a date...I dream high...especially on a plane...and the higher the dream... The harder I fall... that's my confession.

Life is tough...Keep your bottoms well padded...It's all in the Journey...includes the gurney...Then do the Hockey Pockey...That's what life is all about!


I do and agree Josh with your slogan!

Dear Josh,
I hope you will forgive me for telling this, here my confession:
I love your nice cookies and the beginnning of this funny vidéo but I am surprised with the poor end. Would prefer to see you sending us a "beautiful bisou" for the Valentine Day. I love when you are showing your grace. Love you Josh xx Nicole

This is so funny!!! Happy Cookie Day!!! Great selection of songs!! Love this <3<3<3

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My mother came down with brain cancer just before I deployed to Iraq for Desert Storm. I was allowed to see her for a couple of days before I left. Last day I say her was the 26 of December when I left for the war. She died while I was there. But something happened to me that let me know. I had a light the lit me up when I was on patrol. I was in night vision goggles and this light came down from above. It was not an airplane as the light was perfectly steady. I knew my mom was gone. Years later I found you and you sang "To where you are". I cried for hours after that. It was the perfect feeling towards my mom who gave me a sing she was there. Thank you for such a lovely song. I still cry everytime I hear this song. I have bought your cd just for this song.

a wonderful selection of songs!! thanks

Hope you had a great Valentines Day.. That was so funny.. it made my day.. I couldn't stop laughing even though it wasn't suppose to be,, or maybe.. Thank you for making me laugh so hard.. m/u..

Hi Josh, I didn't receive any Valentine's cards this year (I never do!) but it didn't matter. Seeing you demolish your beautiful Valentine's cookies was the best and funniest Valentine's gift ever!
Hope you had a great Valentine's Day and thankyou for always making us laugh - you lighten up our days!

This video brought tears to my eyes...from laughing that much :) Thanks! Happy Valentine's! (and please reserve one of these cookie baskets for me ;))

The Cookie Monster as played by Josh Groban. I loved the video, you get funnier every time I see you. I loved the end when you stuff all the cookies in. You would be cool to hang with. I'm new to your music and have been watching old interviews in an effort to learn more about you. I downloaded Echos and one other. Your smooth voice sings me to sleep at night. Happy Valentines Day. Best smile of my day.

Happy (Non Valentines) Cookie Day!! :D :D <3<3<3

That made my valentines Day soooo funny bring on your birthday next happy valentines Day josh

This is so funny! I guess you won't need dinner tonight after all those cookies!! Thanks for the laugh!! Happy Valentines Day Josh!!

Thanks for the Valentine wishes and love...same back to you. The video was hilarious. I wish you lots of love, real love, in 2014...and may all your 2014 dreams come true!
Happy Valentine's Day to you, Josh Groban!!

Happy Valentine's Day Josh Thank you for the video it was funny

Happy Valentine's Day, Joshua Winslow Groban. I love you very, very much. (smooch)

Thank you Josh for the fun ! But I guess you are somehow a little bit bitter and disilusionned about love. I wish you to find the right woman for your heart. Remember that if you want to find this woman, ask the Lord.


Not available, but I`m NOT angry. Today I`m BRAVE!!!

Happy Valentine`s day to you Josh, and to all great fans
around the world. Sending much love...:)

Happy Valentine's Day to you Josh and thank you for the hilarious video above. I've listened to the new "Remember When It Rained" and I loved it. What's not to love? You and Judith just complement each other in a beautiful way. The depth of your voice together with the soft Judith is just amazing. I wish you the best Valentine's Day. I'm sending some love your way. Take care :-)

LOOL, This is so Wonderfully funny , I laughed so much ; It really brightened up my Whole Evening; Tomorrow :D, I hope that makes sense, LOL , Thank You So Very Much for Posting this; Thank You So Much For Being You :D!! Happy Valentines Day to You too :D!!

So cute!!! Thank you Josh and Happy VD, you always make me laugh. BTW, I watched every Fiddler on the Roof video, and I have once again, fallen in love with your voice. You amaze me all the time. Thank God you came into my life.

thqt was funny made me chuckle. thanks for another long awaited blog. you r so thoughtful.

Made me laugh and I really needed that today. All the best to you Josh, thanks.

Happy Cookie Day!

OK that was funny! haha Too much muppet time maybe Josh! Happy Valentine's Day to you too. And thanks for the vlog.

LOL Oh Josh! You are adorable. Love this.

Hi Josh, valentine's day has dawned in Australia and I'm greeted by your hilarious message of love! Made me smile, and feel a little hungry too...Cookie Monster! Cookies!! Thanks!