Josh Makes Cameo In Muppets Most Wanted

Josh Makes Cameo In Muppets Most Wanted

The cat's out of the bag - Josh makes a cameo in Muppets Most Wanted out March 21st!

Josh attended the Muppets Most Wanted premiere last night at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood. Josh had a great time filming in London and as a fan of the Muppets since he was child - he was elated to make a cameo and be a part of this hilarious sequel. Check out Muppets Most Wanted in theaters March 21st.

Are you working on a new album? All fans are waiting,
Hugs &. You're not a Nerd as your girlfriend Kat stated on TV. It's just seeing you in the glasses you wear. Maybe you're not a candidate for contacts. So What!

Love you anyway with or without your glasses, no one has a voice like
yours. Thank you for putting out the music we can enjoy and listen too.
So happy your voice teacher and David Foster discovered what a talent
They had found for all of the world to hear.

May you continue to produce beautiful songs and albums. I hope to attend another concert in Chicago soon.

God Bless! Josh

Saw the girl you are dating on TV today, I believe her name is kat Dennings , She is to silly and my honest opinion, not very good looking. I'm sure you can do better.

If you were my son I would say, she's not good enough for you.


Josh,received some bad news last week. My son has cancer. I know I'm not alone their are too many in the world with this disease and not enough research. My husband and I are flying to Denver,Co to be with him and his family.
While we are home Mike and I play your albums over and over. The music is very soothing . What a gift God has given you. Keep those albums and beautiful music out where every one can hear them.



I just have to see that movie although all my kids are in college,Thank you for coming to the east coast , See you there . <3

Saw a special showing tonight ,a few days early of premiere . Grobanites will love it !!!

Awesome Josh !!!

Can't wait to see it....

This is sure to be fun. By the way, if you Google
josh groban muppets most wanted premiere
there are some interviews from the premiere, including a nice one with Josh. Would be great if you could post it here, if that's possible.
Here's hoping!

Cong can't wait see you in the movie

Can't wAit to see josh Groban in the movie of muppets most wanted at March 21 14

This is very interesting.

This is great news! You are so versitile. Can't wait to see what your next project will be. I really love this black and white picture of you. Look at you all handsome in your suit with palmtrees in the background. Myself, I'm sick and off work. So I will just stay under the blanket and listen to you all day... Take care :-)

Congratulations and a huge thank you. You have made my wish come true. Love the Muppets and having you in the movie just makes it even better. Now, all I am waiting for is for you to sing with Elmo!;oP #waiting

I Really like the black and white Photo of you too :).

WONDERFUL :D!!! I will be so looking forward to seeing this :D!! I just LOVE the Muppets; Will be so WONDERFUL to see You in the Film :D. Thank You So Much for Posting this :D!!

To you josh the greatest singing voice of this century. God gave you a special gift, your better then anyone I can name. I can understand your special appearances and tours. But for us who can't always see you on stage or in movies, PLEASE GIVE us your fans more albums to buy.

Yes, I did see u on jimmy kimmmel and was shocked to hear you mouthed the f--------word. No need for it. It's not in your character,
Thanks for all the beautiful music.
Love ya,

Great, finally a movie that I can take my 7 yr.old Granddaughter to see, that we both will enjoy. We both love Josh and Muppets! Congrats Josh.

That's great Josh, I love the muppets if I decided to have more children, I can watch it all over again and to know my favorite loving Josh is in there too that'll be just great.. Anything you do so we can see more of you is HoneyBee Medicine for the Mind, Body & Soul.. Keep up the Good work... See ya Babyface, honeybun, sweeter than pumpkin pie.. lol... Oh opps sorry you already heard all of this before.. lol... Take Care ..:)xo Peace

You are the most versatile singer actor I have ever heard And enjoyed. I hope someday before I die I get to see you in person. I enjoy your music your comedy routines and you as a person and what you do for others specially children. keep up the good work .

it's so great... congrats .... hugs .HS :D

So proud of my sweet Josh!!!!

Congrats :)

Cool Beans!
Congrats to you Josh.