Rising Star

Rising Star

Watch the first official promo for Josh’s new show, Rising Star. Click the video below and get ready for the first episode live on June 22nd through ABC in the US.

Josh, you did a great job on the show. However, the contestants seem to be picked not only for their talent but their hard luck stories. I know it's not your fault, the producers have the final word. Too bad, everything is set up ahead of time and cultivated behind the scenes.
You excel in hosting , but never, never stop singing your music makes my day.

Lots of love to the greatest singer of our time!!!!!!!!

You look fantastic Josh! You're doing such a great job as host. Mom and I look forward to watching you every week. Keep up the great work :-)

This is right up your alley because how you take people out of your audiences and have them sing with you. You are so talented and you can hear the real talent, without even knowing what they can sing but how their voices can show their true talent. Thanks for showing the rest of the country what you are all about. B elieve it or not they don't know.


I decided to bring Princess Leia back to life...Because I know you love Star Wars...

Many more to come and Hope to see you more on the Rising Star Warship...

Much Love and Affection,


I'll be praying for good things to come in music and in Choral music. Hope to raise new voices that can inspire people to live a life of fortitude and graciousness.

I'm taking voice lessons myself as a tribute to my parents who has sacrificed much to keep us in the right direction.

May there be music that opens the gates of heaven and give praises on high.

Much love and affection,

i will be watching the show. look forward to seeing it. take care Josh and have fun doing the show.

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I like him and always follow his posts.

The video plays now, that's great. :)

Looking great, Groban! I'm so looking forward seeing you on this show. Even if I'm not going to be able to watch it on TV here in Sweden. I hope I can watch it in some way though. I've been watching this video on youtube of all 4 of you backstage at the Billboards 2014. Kesha is just standing there holding her arm around you and you, Josh, are holding your arm around her. Lucky bitch;-)

Love you always. Vickib

Josh I wish you have a great time.. and I wish you find the girl of your dreams.. hope she's alot like me, you'll last a life time with her.. lol.. I will be praying for you to find that love. lol.ok.. I'll probably cry a little, but I'll get over it.. lol.. . I agree with @stickybunlady..it will give you a chance to attract a much younger crowd.. I wish you the best Josh and it will keep you busy too.. I think this is the best thing for you for now.. Good Luck Babe.. Take Care..:)xo

I can't see the video either ,why ?

The video won't play for me, every time I try to play it, it says "This video is private". :(
Oh well, I'm so excited to watch this show because Josh is the host! Go Josh! You rock! :)

Now THIS ONE I'll watch!

Speedie907 I will notify the MOD you are locked out. They are updating stuff, no one has renewed yet so hang tight.

This show is going to be fun to watch and hope Josh has a great time with it. Great way to increase his younger audience too!

Love you more than so very much !!!!
Best wishes from Iran <3

Looks like this will be a fun show.
Something we can be involved in and have something to smile about and look forward too.

I don't know if any moderators read comments, but my FOJG screen name is speedie907 and I'm locked out. I tried to get a message through on the JG message board, but I can't create an account there (my passwords for FOJG don't work) because I can't answer the security question for Josh's latest album. I don't know whether it's looking for an old album because of when it was created as the security question…

This looks like it will be a lot of fun to watch and so much fun for Josh to be involved with as well. Hope there are some singers as good as Josh participating in the competition.