Facebook Q&A Recap

Facebook Q&A Recap

Missed Josh’s Facebook Q&A this week? Find all of the questions and answers from the chat below and make sure to like Josh on Facebook.

Q: Will your brother Chris be involved with another one of your music vids? Maybe from you new albums?
A: I hope so! He's so talented and I love working with him. Check out the new movie he just edited called La Bare!

Q: Josh, USA are classified for the quarter-final. Did you see the game? I rooted for you guys!
A: YES!!! Even though they lost they really fought hard against an insanely clean German offense. Defying the odds. Love it. GO USA!!

Q: Love your interaction with Brad Paisley on Rising Star? Will you sing a duet?
A: if he's lucky

Q: Toilet paper roll....over or under???
A: over! what kind of sick masochist goes under?

Q: Why do they have to put the movie The Coffee Town on cable? I don't have cable anymore!
A: download it on itunes!

Q: Hi Josh. I love your posts! I think you're hilarious and cute too!
A: flattery will get you everywhere!

Q: If you were cast as a superhero in a blockbuster hit who would you want to play??
A: I think I could do a mean inspector gadget. or gumby.

Q: You have the incredible gift of consistently ignoring my questions and tweets. #bravo
A: I have been working at it every minute of this

Q: Why are you so gorgeous???????
A: Why are you so nearsighted??????

Q: What is your current favorite pass time?
A: tennis!! running around chasing a ball is my favorite past time and my dog's as well

Q: Can you write, "Josh Groban was here" on my timeline? That would be insanely awesome!
A: Daniel Rules. Groban Drools.

Q: You only have 4,400+ questions. Why can't you answer them all?
A: The OCD in me wants to!!!!!!

Q: I am on the board of directors of a Montana opera company. Ever considered being in an opera these days?
A: cool! thank you for asking. I respect and admire Opera so much it has always been something I've kind of looked at from the audience. When I recorded with Placido he suggested I try maybe some french light opera. Maybe Britten? My focus at the moment is broadway. keep up the great work!

Q: By the way, I am a teacher, and I love the way you encourage the music program at school. Music is what helped me get through those long years of education, and I am constantly encouraging my kiddos to get involved in music one way or another!
A: Bravo

Q: What's up with the skull theme in your dressing rooms? Is that your dark side coming out?
A: haha We just started collecting them on tour. Eventually it turned into a room Ozzy would be jealous of. I think I'll keep them.

Q: What's your fav cocktail ?
A: Old Fashioned. Or dirty vodka martini.

Q: Josh how does it feel to be a member of Michael Ball's Hall of Fame on Radio BBC 2 along side Elvis and the Beatles? I think it's pretty cool myself!
A: Very cool! I"ve always looked up to Michael and he has a great show. Look forward to thanking him in person.

Q: Did you wear freaky socks during the first show Rising Star?
A: They had electric guitars all over them.

Q: I saw the Sinatra response...wellll you could always sing with Michael Buble lol
A: would love to one day!

Q: If a composer offered you the chance to co-compose a film score with him/her, would you take them up on it?
A: YES!! I am obsessed with the film composition world and to work with one of those masters would be a dream come true.

Q: Are you planning to film a new episode of Groban's Garden?
A: Give me a kitchen, a camera and way too much sugar and it shall be done!

Q: What is your favorite part of doing Rising Star? Out of all the projects you could choose .. why did you pick to do this show?
A: My favorite part about doing the show is the feeling of giving back and giving a singer a chance to be seen and heard. My career started before "reality tv" and when I see these contestants and what this exposure means to them, it makes me happy to be able to work with them and give them that shot. I'm also a technology geek and I think its a cool idea.

Q: Have you ever played for the troops?
A: I haven't taken a USO trip overseas to do so but I would honestly love it. I wrote War At Home for them and had the honor of singing it on the Capitol lawn for many vets a few years ago.

Q: Corey Bruch... the song My Confession, what is it truly about. Thank you.
P.S. love your music
A: To me its about being blind to the fact you have someone really amazing in front of you and finally opening up to tell that person

Q: Do you still see David Foster or work with him in any way.
A: David and I are great friends. He'll always be kind of a musical papa to me. One day we will share a studio again. He is no longer on my record label and has to be exclusive to his new company. Its the business. But we love each other and one day will work together again i'm sure.

Q: Hey Josh! I was able to catch your YoungArts program on HBO and was so ecstatic to see the creative process in action. I was really curious though...what ever happened to the single Fade Away? Are you recording it? Will the students ever be performing it in any more of your shows? They are each so talented! I hope you can show us a where-are-they-now on each of them sometime. Thanks, Josh!
A: Thanks! I had SO MUCH FUN taking that time with those students. They were and are such unique artistic souls and I keep in touch with them as they continue their education. Fade Away turned out great and its on Itunes just search for it! All the proceeds go to Young Arts!

Q: Was it fun having your family in the audience of Rising Star?
A: ha! Yes! I think they were afraid I was going to pick them out to sing.

Q: Are you enjoying hosting "Rising Star"?
A; I am! Getting more comfortable and the show needs some tweaking but they are taking all the notes people had via twitter into consideration and its gonna grow into a really innovative and fun show. I love hosting, its a new skill and something I'll continue to enjoy doing. Also fun that I get to work with the contestants a bit before they go on stage.

Q: Besides Rising Star, what's your favorite talent competition show?
A: stupid human tricks on Letterman

Q: Do you watch Game of Thrones? If so, favorite character?
A: YES. My favorite characters have been the team of Arya and the Hound. they should be a spinoff sitcom. Or True Detective 2.

Q: If you could play any character in a musical, who would it be? Loved you in Chess in Concert, plus the Fiddler on the Roof video!
A: I'd love to dive into a new show, workshop something from the beginning. I also would love to play George in Sunday In The Park. Anything without dancing

Q: Hi Josh when are you coming to South Africa? Im a big fan
A: And I'm a big fan of SA. Anytime I have a world tour it is always a personal goal to include SA. Some of the best fans, food, and fun.

Q: how many time are you going to be on #risingstar
A: This summer is 10 episodes! If people dig it and we get picked up who knows!

Q: Will you really by starring in Frozen 2?
A: haha this rumor has been floating around and while i certainly would be open to the idea, no one has come to me about it.

Q: Morning person, or a night owl?
A: NIGHT OWL...its the quiet creative time.

Q: Josh,would you ever duet with a fan through youtube?
A: ooo thats a cool idea! you mean find someone through youtube and record a duet? not a bad idea

Q: Hey Josh, I admire your talent but what makes you one of my all-time favorite performers is your humor and ability to stay grounded amid the fame. I'll be working with a brand new class of middle school students come fall - What tip would you give them if they were interested in pursuing a career in entertaining?
A: Hey thanks! I"m very grateful for everything but this business is kinda nuts and a whole lot of ridiculous....you gotta have humor to go along with the seriousness of the music or I'd go insane! THANK YOU for being a teacher. I'd tell them to focus on the work and the process. Trust their guts and don't be afraid to be afraid and learn new things. The best part of being a student is that you can try and fail and grow.

Q: What's your favorite no-touristy thing to do in NYC.
A: shake shack in the park

Q: If you were a robot and you didn't know, but I did, would you want me to tell you?
A: No. Don't tell me. (I already know.)

Q: Josh......My 42 year old daughter recently passed away.....your song "You're Still You" has such beautiful and meaningful words in it and I play it over and over again.....it has brought me right to her. Who wrote the song and how were the words written and to whom? This is my song to my daughter....Jennifer Lynn Forsberg. ....you have certainly touched my heart with your beautiful voice.....thank you for who you are!
A: I'm so sorry for your loss. I've always loved that song and the lyrics were written by Linda Thompson, the melody was by the great Ennio Morricone

Q: 3 yrs ago I met you on a backstage pass at a concert. In Wichita ks. I told you about our very sick son and how he was fighting for his life. That night at the concert you dedicated the song "awake" to him. I doubt you even remember this as it was sooo long ago and you obviously meet so many people. I just want you to know how much that meant to our family. Our son passed away 13 months ago. As our family lay in his hospital bed holding him as he took his final breathes we sang that song to him. You have touched our lives and our family in such a way. Thank you.
A: Of course I remember like it was yesterday. I can't express enough my sorrow for the loss of your son. It was my privilege to dedicate Awake to him that night and I am honored it brought him any kind of comfort. Sending you and your family all my love and thank you so much for sharing this with me. You are always welcome at my shows.

Q: Hi Josh! My Q&A is about YOUR Q&A's - they're always so much fun. Will you still be doing the Q&A's as part of your summer tour? Thanks!
A: thanks! This summer I don't know, I'm gonna have a lot I'll want to get in musically but maybe! I always love doing them too

Q: Taking a deep breath here and finally saying....

Hi Josh

Do you find it emotionally more than you can handle when people tell you of the comfort you bring to them?

I have met you several times but have never had the courage to tell you how you brought peace to my mother during her last few days (aged 82) in case I made you feel uncomfortable. I cannot describe here how restless she was until I played your music.

She had never heard you before but yours was the last music she ever heard and seeing her become so peaceful brought me great comfort. I would like to say a HUGE thank you. You are truly blessed and because of you, so are we. (No need for a long reply, if you see this please just say I've seen your comment Angel) xxxxx
A: thank you too...and thanks for sharing, i appreciate that very much

Q: Thank you for "Brave". It's getting me through breast cancer
A: YES. You can beat this thing...stay strong!! #fuckcancer

Q: Where did the inspiration for the song Brave come from? It is now one of my many favorites of yours. I grew up with an alcoholic father and then my hubby has been fighting MS and is also in remission from stage 4 cancer, so we both really love the song Brave. Thank you for sharing your great talents with us!
A: Brave is about all the things we've been through in our lives that made us stronger. The lyric is about finding those positive points of light that give us the REASON to keep being brave. Sounds like you found yours. I'm so happy the song resonates for you. thanks.

Q: Thank you Josh for making it cool for a male to sing and perform music other than rock and roll or pop. Saw you in concert a few years ago and brought my son. He has sung a Capella in college and has gone on to perform theater in San Diego and sing at Sea World. The first time I ever saw you sing was on Ally McBeal. I knew I had witnessed something and someone special. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world!
A: thats awesome! congrats to your son...I think the ideas of male/female genre specifics are dumb. Everyone likes and sings different styles. My heroes growing up were the guys who sang with big voices. Mel Torme, Robert Merrill...tell your son to keep up the great work and hope to hear him sometime

Q: My mom met you at the 2002 Winter Olympics. She was working the Green Rooms, and you were to perform with Charlotte Church. She remembers you being SO SHY and giving her your CD, and you politely asked "Do you want me to sign it for you?" She didn't know who you were until you stepped out that stage.. And she was BLOWN AWAY. Unfortunately, she set your CD down on a table while setting up the signature chairs, and someone TOOK YOUR CD AWAY! haha!! She was so sad!! So my question is.. can she get another one? (I know. So silly, but she has been in awe of your talents ever since.)
A: haha! what a funny story! I learned very quickly not to offer a signature unless someone asks!!! Man it was cold during those games. Tell your mom hi!

Q: Why are you hiding Ruslan Sirota behind the wall? #RisingStar
A: haha!! glad you saw him! One of the kinks we're working out on the show is how to get the band more visible. Ruslan said he had a tv show he had to do this summer and couldn't join on my summer tour. Then I got the hosting gig. Then we realized we were on the same show. We just can't be apart!

Q: What made you want to become a singer?
A: Joe Jackson made me. Actually, I was very lucky that I was inspired by the very music I WANTED to sing in my bedroom. It was the inspiration and the ability coming together. Ultimately its just about reaching people in a way i wouldn't be able to otherwise. When I sing my anti-social awkwardness vanishes!

Q: What would you say to Young People to inspire them to do something creative - especially in a society where mass media call young people hoodies, feral and good for nothing ?
A: First of all, love that you capitalized Young People. Damn right. I'm not sure I've heard THOSE words being used against young people as a whole. I think we need to make sure though that we have solid arts education in our schools so that (like it or not) they get exposed to it. It can bring such enrichment to their lives in ways they could never imagine and who knows, maybe (like in my case) it becomes the building block for a professional career.

Q: You must be so busy at this moment.
A: its how i stay sane

Q: Josh, I'd like to ask you what your religious beliefs are. I realize this isn't something you've really made a comment on, so I understand if you don't want to answer on here. I would be really interested in hearing what you believe though. thanks!
A: I believe that there is a wonderful unknown out there that we should be humble and thankful for. And I believe in the power of human kindness and tolerance.

Q: do you prefer a cotton candy or lollipops ?
A: I'm more of a veggie guy, ever since I was a kid. Everyone thought I was weird because I didn't like sweets. Gummies are my weakness though

Q: Would you ever consider a more serious acting role? Like maybe a villain in Doctor Who, or a part in a Marvel movie/show? Which of your acting roles have been your favorite? Are you at all fond of cats?
A: I totally want to be a villain in a really dark movie. Maybe a spy. Something where I get so slick my hear back and have a mustache.

Q: Will you please marry my daughter? She's very lovely.
A: whats the dowry

Q: Is there any song that makes you so emotional and not able to sing in public ever?
A: Grandma got run over by a reindeer.

Q: Would you consider performing with the Mormon tabernacle choir?
A: Loved recording with them on Noel. To hear them live would be incredible. Yes one day!

Q: I love when you sing in Italian..do you find it harder to learn a song when it's a different language?
A: part of it is harder, obviously not a first language so learning the translation and perfect pronunciation is always a fun challenge. But sometimes singing in those languages are actually easier than english because the vowels are so pure and open.

Q: Will you be returning to the UK anytime soon? I've not been lucky enough to catch you live yet !
A: hopefully! I have so many friends there and as I record this new album, many of the songs will have been on the west end so I gotta get there for inspiration!

Q: We want to see you in Chile! When are you visiting us? Best Regards!!!
A: Most of the sound engineers I have recorded with are Chilean! Wonderful fans there, visiting is on my wish list!

Q: If you could be a food, what food would you be?
A: I think I'd like to just be a pumpkin. You can put me in so many recipes AND scare children with me.

Q: Hello..I was just curious if you're going to continue to further your acting career? Thanks!
A: Have been reading some awesome scripts and there are a couple comedic projects I'm gonna be starting on in the coming months.

Q: Josh when you making your next cd
A: All this year! recording 2 at once! I obviously love taking breaks.

Q: Did you sing the backing track on Satellite?
A: i did!

Q: What is your favorite language to sing in?
A: I REAAALLY loved recording in Portuguese. Gorgeous language to put melody to. Also english.

Q: How's your doggie?
A: He's good but facebook chats bore him to tears.

Q: Any plans to do Broadway?
A: Yes! After many years of meetings, offers and trying to find time, I think 2015 will be the year I (try to) make a debut. Its been a long time coming just gotta find the right role/director!

Q: if you could play any part in Les Mis what would it be and why?

Q: Do you like pittsburgh?
A: I Do! It has its charms and a great art scene! Went to CMU there briefly too.

Q: Hi Josh, when you playing near the Jersey Shore?
A: This summer the closest I'm getting is Philly at the Mann Center. Take the trip!

Q: What was your first impression when you went live for Rising Star?
A: My first impression is that there is no time like the first time live. No amount of rehearsal can prepare you for the changes, ups and downs, and nerves of holding a 2 hours telecast together on time and smoothly. And every sunday will be smoother! I had a lot of fun.

Hi G!
Great Facebook questions!
How are you, honey? I miss you. Saw Rising Star! I was so proud..if I may be. You held your energy beautifully, and your words were so sharp and clear. You moved with such grace, and the contestants are so interesting, and talented. Glad you are having fun.
I am enjoying my summer, too! Headed into the mountains on the 4th. Weather is gorgeous.
Are you going to announce our engagement? Will the suits budge? :D I'm excited...G. Thanks for the art.

Love you...hugs for Mr. Sweenerton, please...


ps I just saw our pic in smug mug...we are an awktractive couple G! But wasn't it fun and sneaky meet and great. hehehehe. I miss you. You did ask me to marry you, on the insert of All That Echoes, right? Kind of hard to believe sometimes. I keep trying!

Yes!! If so. You look so sweet, Josh. What if you did? hahahaaa how awesome. That might be kinda crazy sir..but how romantic...sigh

This was a very fun read! Josh, you still have the light in you, and you always have a way of making me laugh, especially when I least expect it! Keep that light burning brightly, and pray for me, as I'm going to have to retire Zahara soon. I hope I can get a new Guide dog, but it'll depend on whether I can get some work with the National Federation of the Blind Newsline. I need to be able to go places throughout the week. Zahara's been such a wonderful dog, and it's so hard to have to let her go, but she'll go back to her raiser and become a Therapy Dog. Can you believe I've only had her 6 and a half years? I've also run in to trouble with getting my Botox injections in to my brain for the Trigeminal Neuralgia, but my insurance's legal department is getting involved. So things are very rough right now, but you keep helping me keep my chin up, and I so appreciate that right now. Still, it would be so good to see you again, and I hope you have another q&a on Facebook soon. I'll have to use the mobile sight if I can keep up. Meanwhile, I'll always keep you in my prayers everyday. The candle is burning, too. Thank you for all you do. Heather

I was so happy to read the Facebook Q&A report. I learned so much more about the person I admire and consider a true hero with a beautiful voice. Twitter moves too fast for me but I will keep trying. Hope we have this opportunity again. Thanks Josh. See you at Mohegan Sun. Stay we'll and enjoy summer.

We'e always had a love/hate relationship. I love his sarcasm!

Wow,what a different kind of questions!
So,i learn a bit more about you!!!!!!

First- thanks a lot for posting the Facebook Q&A. Very interesting questions and also answers, I enjoyed to read. ;)
I`m really looking forward to the 2 new albums, still hoping for a Live album
one day, but Josh, take your time. I keep my fingers crossed for your "Broadway" plans, I`d love to see and hear you there. :)

Sending all my love...