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  • Check out Josh featured in the NY Times "Art's & Leisure Cover" cover! Josh was so excited saying "I've spent my whole life reading the New York Times, especially on Sunday and especially arts & leisure. This is something for my grandkids (if I have grandkids, or a social life one day). Thanks Michael Paulson for an in depth article and genuine curiosity and love of the process and to @richterfit for letting me be a weirdo in front of your camera. Honored, grateful, unworthy, but...

  • Josh loved teaming up with the Grand Hyatt for this #agrandcarol video. Hope you enjoy!! #ad

  • Josh was honored to be profiled by Michael Paulson for this Sunday's New York Times on the work that went into playing his role of Pierre in The Great Comet!

  • Watch this announcement from Josh about his new holiday single!

    Download or Stream "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" here:


  • Watch the lyric video for Josh's new holiday song "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas! Josh will perform this new holiday song live on The Today Show Monday, November 28th or on NBC’s Annual special "Christmas at Rockefeller Center" on Wednesday Nov 30th!


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