Illuminations World Wide Release Dates

Illuminations World Wide Release Dates

Josh's brand new album Illuminations will be available in a few short weeks. It will be released in the US on November 15th and various dates world wide. For more information on when you can get it, find your country in the list below for the official release date.

If you don't see your country on the list, an official release date has not been scheduled at this time. Look for more information coming soon.


Austria Nov. 19
Belgium Nov. 12
Denmark Nov. 15
France Nov. 29
Germany Nov.19
Ireland Nov. 19
Italy Nov. 16
Netherlands Nov. 12
Norway Nov. 15
Poland Nov. 22
Portugal Nov. 15
Spain Nov. 16
Sweden Nov. 15
Switzerland Nov.19
UK Nov. 22

North America
Canada Nov. 15
USA Nov. 15

Australia Nov. 12
New Zealand Nov. 22

Hong Kong Nov. 23
Indonesia Nov. 22
Japan Nov. 17
Korea Nov. 16
Taiwan Nov. 16
Philippines Nov.15
Thailand Nov. 18
Singapore Nov. 15
Malaysia Nov. 16

Latin America
Argentina Nov. 16
Brazil Nov. 16
Chile Nov. 29
Columbia Nov. 16
Mexico Nov. 16
Venezuela Nov. 16
South Africa
South Africa Nov. 15

I can't belive it!!
Your Album in Italy too!!!!
That's absolutly awesome!

I guess find a copy of that in Iran in next year :((

It will be in Romania too, but I don't know when.... Look on the internet:)

No release date for Romania :-( Me and my kids hardly can await for it

Well, ur CD is not available yet.....
What makes m really sad !!!

Will it b a discounted price for the fan edition??

Y do they keep it hidden away ????? I mean I thought it was gonna b on nov 15 in any country .......

why there´s no release date for Slovak republic? :(((

Thailand is actually on the list! I'm so glad! I have to buy this album! Come to Thailand for concert!

AAAAAAAAA México nov 16 I can't wait!!!!!!!!

where's the release date for the Czech Republic?????? :-(

ey what happen with spain....I AGAIN..................SPAIN EXISTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT....I PREORDER....BUT YOY DON,T HAVE ANY FAN IN MY COUNTRY?????????????? ONLY ME?????..well me a nd somebody else that thinks like me....i write from sevilla...............................SPAIN...............people here not only play soccer...

Josh, Where is the Hidden Away video??

Jeeeeej! only 9 days to go in the Netherlands! cant wait!

;ACant wait to see you in Conneticut !! more days,and too finally get Illuminations!YesSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

;ACant wait to see you in Conneticut !! more days,and too finally get Illuminations!YesSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

22... :( I have to wait so long...

Nov.19th... my favorite day:)

YEHEYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! Nov. 15 - Philippines! So excited! ; )

Nov 22 in NZ
the extended wait is going to be horrible
the only comforting thought is that the wait will most definatly be worth it

Yoehoe!!! Only 9 day left waiting..
Thanks Josh!!

France, Argentina and Chile....Yaaaaay!! :D

Next Friday it is then. Can't wait. May have to plan my day off for that day.

I´m so angry! Why don´t you release Illuminations on SPAIN/EUROPE.!!!!
I pre-order my Illuminations a moth ago.
However SPAIN exist.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for launch in Brazil is so fast, November 16!
Now, prompting Warner to release in Brazil on the radio here.
Very happy, even though bought my album on pre-order.
But the most wonderful is to see Josh LIVE here in Brazil ...
Waiting anxiously.
Tati Côco

But you know what? I just remembered that on Nov. 15h I'll be doing some exams to get into the university, so I'm glad it'll be on Nov. 16th!!!! =P

Awe... I'd love if here it was released also in Nov. 15th... To me it would be really PUUUUURRRRRRRRRRFECT!!!!!

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS nov 15, philippines..^_^v

NOVEMBER 22!...with all my faith, soul and heart...i'll wait for it!!! XD

wow it is almost here I can't wait and I know that I wil love it thanks Josh see you soon

Days are so fast so Excited!!!

Thanks God I bought my copy by internet because Spain is not in the list. It seems my country fell off of the map.

12th of november/the Netherlands... Thanks a lot!!


eyyyyyy josh and were is my country....SPAIN EXIST.... when can we got your cd in spain......PLEASEEEEEE........?????????????????

Bien Josh en Mexico el 16 , guauuuuuu ya quiero que sea esa fecha para ir por el a la tienda de discos.

Josh also loves Mexico please come to Mexico

que hermoso eres Josh...

i just noticed that netherland, australia and belgium are going to release the album on the 12th they´re so lucky!!!!

Only 10 more days.....

wow! that´s so great! just a day after usa release in Argentina! i´ll be ready to buy it!

YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Brazilians are getting "Illuminations" on Nov 16th... just one day after!!! WOOHOOOOO!!!!! sooo freaking happy!!!!! although I ordered my limited edition here it's so cool all the Brazilians are getting it so fast. The other albums were released a little after.
Thanks a million!!!
((warm hugs from Brazil))