New Song "Voce Existe Em Mim" Available on iTunes Now

New Song "Voce Existe Em Mim" Available on iTunes Now

Josh's highly-anticipated album Illuminations will be released on November 15th. iTunes will be releasing new songs for purchase exclusively in their store leading up to the album release. A brand new song called "Voce Existe Em Mim" is available for download now.

"Higher Window" will be available on iTunes October 26th and "L'Ora Dell'Addio" on November 9th. Get these tracks as they are released and they will go towards your purchase of the iTunes album by using the Complete My Album feature.


o..... my...........god.......... just SO amazing, I can't say more; too hard to put into words.... love ya Josh.

**Musica Fantástica**
Parabéns pela musica Josh ela é simplesmente maravilhosa
É um prazer para nos brasileiro e portugueses ter um artista como você gravando uma musica em nossa língua e com uma perfeição inigualável.
Como sempre as letras de suas musica falam em paz,amor,esperança e essas letras musicais me ajudaram em muitos momentos difíceis de minha vida.
Anseio por poder ouvir seu novo álbum por completo.
Sou Brasileiro mas vivo em Portugal nunca tive a oportunidade de assistir a um concerto seu ainda, mas espero que inclua em seu novo tour na Europa Portugal e claro na América do Sul o Brasil..
Mais uma vez obrigado por representar a nossa língua em sua fantástica voz.
Esperamos você em PORTUGAL e claro no BRASIL...

Absolutely brilliant Josh. The exciting and unrelenting drums and strings build up until your glorious voice soars above them and we are left in total wonder.

Thankyou for sharing this fantastic journey with us and congratulations to you and your friends in the orchestra.

Love as always Fedele.

This song is really beautiful. Once I heard it I thought it came from a movie soundtrack it is so uplifting. Josh's voice as always says it all. Truly, truly gifted.

Oh what a wonderful carrot Josh - can't wait for 15 November to hear the rest of what promises to be a beautiful album.

ohh yeaa....,1 mooore,..sorry i can't download "Voce Existe Em Mim" via iTunes, hmm my country is not on the list which fulfill the requirement..oooh ohh..
i just hoooopeee....hooooopeeeeefuuuuuullyyyyyy...the Illumination special edition...well whatever its last name Deluxe/limited...XD will b released also in Indonesia, so i can have "Voce Existe Em Mim"

Hola Joshh!!! i...ur powerful. That's the 1st thing came out of my mind. when i 1st heard this song, i was like..filled with new spirit last midnight.i needed that energy to do all my assignments..n i did it well ( it made me strong enough to stay up til the next morning haha) XD.
i think this album is a masterpice's work that i fall in love at 1st sight to both the songs have come out. :D

Hola Joshh!!! i...ur powerful. That's the 1st thing came out of my mind. when i 1st heard this song, i was like..filled with new spirit last midnight.i needed that energy to do all my assignments..n i did it well ( it made me strong enough to stay up til the next morning haha) XD.
i think this album is a masterpice's work that i fall in love at 1st sight to both the songs have come out. :D

Josh, what a unique and wonderful song, it's like a breath of fresh air after a stressful day. Your music warms the soul, thankyou. ..xx

Josh, it's amazing song!!! New, fresh and about of Happy Love! So high energy and really whole mood - my big, hot, heart congratulations!!! Go ahead! Yours Lari

I've been completely dominated by intense emotions with "Você existe em mim"... uplifting beat and melody; hidden within a sorrow.

Love the Voice Josh… Love the song!!

Oh My God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have no words to describe what I´m feeling now!!! My love for you just got bigger!!! Your voice is perfect and now you´re singing in my language!!!!! AWESOME SONG!!! Pleeeease Josh, don´t forget to include Japan on your next World Tour, ok? My husband promissed me that we´re going to your show if you come here!!!!
I still can´t beleive that you´re singing in portuguese!!! AMAZING!!!
Thank you Josh for doing such a great song that can calm down our hearts even when we´re living a difficult moment! Thank you very much!!! Love, Fabiana

Awesome song! It's got that nice lively beat. You sure bring life to the world, Josh. How I love you so. Since I've known you, I can no longer face the day without you. Your kind of music is clean, pure, wholesome, unpolluted, entertaining, very romantic and
inspiring. This is the kind of music the world needs to hear. Not the garbage that's out there.

"Voce Existe Em Mim" o wow JOSH

I can't wait to listen to all album =) . <3

Josh e Carlinhos Brown estão de parabéns, a música é fantástica, vibrante... Com esta dupla não esperava outra coisa.

Josh, confesso que estava curiosa para te ouvir em português...

Incrível como sempre e o português do Brasil está aprovadissimo.

Como consegues cantar perfeito em Espanhol, Italiano, Francês e agora Português? Grande poliglota...

Muitos parabéns a música é linda.

I knew you were well worth waiting for, Josh. You have proven it. I can't wait to own the whole album. Thanks for the great songs to help ease the waiting. You are fantastic and so extremely talented. I am very impressed and know how hard you worked for this. You have made your fans very happy. :-)

I cannot stop listening to this song! What are you saying Josh! It's got all of our hearts beating! Those drums!!!

I just can tell you that it was fantastic !!!

Best wishes from Iran !!

Love you so very much forever !!!

I `can`t believe it ! This song is soooooooooooooo great.I`thank you so much.Your voice is so brilliant.You make me happy and cry at once:) .Can`t wait for the Album.
Love and hugs

Jooooosh!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOW!!!! SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!! SOOOOOOOOO ENERGETIC!!!!!!! This song is soooo catchy!!!!!! Impossible to stop listening to it!!!!! And dancing ;-) You nailed it!!!! The beat makes our souls shake of hapiness... I can't wait to see/listen to you live here!!!!! I'm sure you also will feel and love our energy :D THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUUUUUCH FOR SINGING IN PORTUGUESE!!!!!!!

Million kisses and warm hugs from Rio!!! Love you bunches!!!!

P.S.: Loved the way you pronounce the "s"!!! Sounds like a carioca (someone who was born in Rio) ;-)


This song raged through my heart and soul like a hurricane
and left a trail of pure love and joy.

So you`ve outdone yourself.
I`m totally excited ♥

I know for sure, the day, I hold your new album in my hands,
will be a very, very, very happy day.:)

Thanks a lot for this great work, to all, who were involved.

As a Brazilian I was very glad to hear you singing in my language. The song is beautiful and your voice mixed with a Brazilian rhythm it was amzing. I hope to go to a concert here in Brazil and its sing Você existe em mim with you. You are really great Josh. I love your music. Take care.

Expressive, Powerful, Brilliant. Love the fresh harmony, rhythm, instrumentation and articulation. Opens the heart to such joy and triumph!!!

Hats off to you, Josh Groban. You are a truly talented musician, and linguistically talented too!!! I LOVE how you sing every song with such passion and expressivity.

I try to allow the light in my life to guide me towards my intended purpose. Your music has time and time again served as that light in miraculous and mysterious ways.


ps Been listening to Voce Existe Em Mim on repeat for the last couple of hours. Yes it's 4:30 am but I'm so filled with inspiration. Josh you are my muse! :)

I wish I could have downloaded your new song to my mp3, but the downloading won't work here in Europe.

Listened to it on Youtube, and it's as good as I thought it would be. Though, I'd love to download it.. sigh..

You are truly the best. November 15 can't come sooner. Amazing.

Voce existe em mim.
Revolutionary drum beat. Multidimensional. Transcendent.
I need translation please, dear sir and thank you.
Be well.
PS. It really does make me nuts not having translations to your newest songs. I want to know what they're saying, Josh. In a way it's beautiful not knowing what they say, because they still pronounce such feeling, but argh! I want to hear what they're about with my soul AND my mind understanding all at the same time!

OMG!!! Josh you so did it again! This song has a really nice lively beat. And you can really hit those high notes. Hearing this new song only makes my heart pound a lot faster. I'm dying to hear the rest. This is torture. Nov 15th feels like forever coming. Josh, you are the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This song is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for the early release.

The preview was glorious! sigh.

I heard only 30 seconds of Voce Existe Em Mim and I can already say it sounds absolutely p.e.r.f.e.c.t!!! Well done Mr. Groban!!!

hermosa canción Josh, no puedo esperar más... ya quiero el disco Illuminations,.... come to México please...

I LOVE this song!!!!!

I had let it play on my laptop and when my sister heared the 1st 0:04 seconds of the preview, she was like: is that josh singing?O.o what song is that? then she jumped on my laptop and ......this song is full of energy..the rythem, the voice, the words.. ^_^YahOoOo


This is awesome! You sound so good! Love it! I don't know even what you are saying but, it's your beautiful voice.

This CD is perfect!

God bless you.

Just want to let you know, Josh that international grobies cant download your new songs from itunes .. so sad.. :((

Well, first, the publication of this work today, 10/12, is a gift to the Brazilian people, because of Brazil's National Holiday, the Saint Patron Day. Until it hits you.
The music is strong. This is the concept.
I'm used to the drums here, and not weird chords.
But chords reminiscent of early Eric Mouquet Deep in Brazil, a masterpiece. Remember sounds of the forest, but with classic flair. Unlike music with drums here.
I felt strong and elegant, with a unique interpretation. Josh, you're ripe!
The lyrics are beautiful! Hot! Engaging! As Brazilians. Great help from Brown and Lester Mendez ....
I heard a few touches of Portuguese from Portugal, not Brazil, but this game is like the U.S. and UK differences.
You Played well and Portuguese, our "Code of Hammurabi, difficult language, I admit. We suffer.
Now, only left to hope YOU HERE. You set the party, and must come.
Imagine you sing this song in Copacabana?
The invitation is done.
We Brazilians LOVE it!

Wow. This is really beautiful. Just love it. You're amazing Mr. Groban!!

Wow! That is way different. And I do not understand one word of it. But I like it. Kewl, Josh .Ready for the next one now. lol thanks

That's Great you download it now. So many of us are excited to hear it. Thank you Josh! :-)

quiero oirlaaaaa!

F A N T A B U L O U S!!!!!!!!!
Sounds GREAT!!!! Can't wait to hear it:)

Anyone know if "tomorrow" is one minute after 11:59pm tonight?? Or just a random time tomorrow ???
I'm so totally NOT patient for this!!
Thx,Becca :)

So excited for tomorrow, I was trying to BUY song already off Itunes....HMMM...Go figure...

sim sim sim!

PERFECTO!!! GRACIAS JOSH, ya quiero escucharla... =)

Yeah!!!! Im so excited..another reallly really artistically creative song from our number one guy! loving this!

Awaaaaaaay we go into another world with Josh !
"Voce Existe Em Mim" the album is a Masterpiece!
Love you Josh! XXXXOOO I will be downloading the song !

That's wanderful,can't wait,hope that will be the oportunite for Josh come to Brasil for a concert,will be amazing!

waiting patiently...c'mon tomorrow!

can´t wait! awsome news!