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  • Join Josh, Denee Benton, Dave Malloy & cast from The Great Comet this Friday, Jan. 13th at the Barnes & Noble Upper East Side! This is a wristbanded event. Details here:

  • Congrats to Josh who was voted's star of the year 2016!!! High five to @callmesquigs for this awesome art of Josh! Check out the full article and list here.

  • Check out Josh featured in the NY Times "Art's & Leisure Cover" cover! Josh was so excited saying "I've spent my whole life reading the New York Times, especially on Sunday and especially arts & leisure. This is something for my grandkids (if I have grandkids, or a social life one day). Thanks Michael Paulson for an in depth article and genuine curiosity and love of the process and to @richterfit for letting me be a weirdo in front of your camera. Honored, grateful, unworthy, but...

  • Josh loved teaming up with the Grand Hyatt for this #agrandcarol video. Hope you enjoy!! #ad

  • Josh was honored to be profiled by Michael Paulson for this Sunday's New York Times on the work that went into playing his role of Pierre in The Great Comet!


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