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  • Our 3rd annual Find Your Light gala benefitting arts education was a huge success!! Thanks to our brilliant performers, Jason Mraz and Wé Ani McDonald along with Oak Town Jazz, San Francisco Opera Scouts, Young Musicians Choral Orchestra and our honorees Marcia and John Goldman and Alfre Woodard...we raised over A MILLION DOLLARS! So many kids will be given the gift of arts education because of all these incredible people and our incredible donors and volunteers including UBS our lead...

  • Earlier this month, Josh had the pleasure of addressing High Point University’s class of 2018.  Click here to watch his full speech.

  • My amazing label Warner Bros. Records made this trailer that’s kind of “this is your life” meets “badass things to come” & yes it’s the opposite of a humble brag but I’m excited about the coming year. thanks for making my dreams come true.

  • I am beside myself with glee and gratitude to announce I’m co-hosting the Tonys with this magical human. JUNE 10th!! CBS!!! I might dance!! (I won’t dance.) #TonyAwards2018

  • I’m beyond excited to share my new song “Symphony”. Watch the lyric video below and get the song here


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