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  • My amazing label Warner Bros. Records made this trailer that’s kind of “this is your life” meets “badass things to come” & yes it’s the opposite of a humble brag but I’m excited about the coming year. thanks for making my dreams come true.

  • I am beside myself with glee and gratitude to announce I’m co-hosting the Tonys with this magical human. JUNE 10th!! CBS!!! I might dance!! (I won’t dance.) #TonyAwards2018

  • I’m beyond excited to share my new song “Symphony”. Watch the lyric video below and get the song here

  • Hey everyone! I'm thrilled to let you know that I'll be hitting the road this fall. Joining me will be my supremely talented friend, Idina Menzel!  I'll be playing some favorites and some songs you are yet to hear that I hope you love. Check out the dates below and I can't wait to see you all out there. -josh


    OCT 18 | Infinite Energy | Duluth, GA

    OCT 19 | Bridgestone | Nashville, TN

    OCT 23 |Toyota Center | Houston, TX

    OCT 24 | American Airlines Center...

  • Hi everyone,
    I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be back on the road this fall!
    I’ll be playing many of your favorites and a bunch of new...


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