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  • Watch the video below to learn more about Josh Shpak, the trumpet player on "Old Devil Moon" in Josh Groban's Stages: Live.

  • Tickets for Josh's special one-night concert event taking place in select cinemas nationwide on February 4th are on sale now to the general public. The event, presented by Fathom Events and Reprise Records will feature never-before-seen performances and an exclusive LIVE interactive Q&A.GET TICKETS HERE ——>

  • Josh will release a CD/DVD package, entitled Stages Live on February 5, 2016, bringing some of the most iconic songs in the Broadway musical songbook to life. The performances were recorded before a live audience at the historic Los Angeles Theater in downtown L.A. for Groban’s all-new PBS special Josh Groban: Stages Live, which began airing on PBS stations on November 28th. Stages Live is available for pre-order as of today and will be sold as a digital download, as a CD/DVD, a CD/Blu-Ray...

  • Join Josh for a special one-night concert event featuring never-before-seen performances and an exclusive LIVE interactive Q&A with Josh when Fathom Events and Warner Bros. Records bring JOSH GROBAN: STAGES LIVE to select cinemas nationwide on Thursday, February 4.

    FOJG members will get first access to purchase tickets on January 9, 2016 at 5pm PST using their login to the FOJG section of

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  • Incase you missed it, watch Josh's performance of "Pure Imagination" from Good Morning America.

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