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  • Josh will return to PBS in an all-new television special based on his new CD, “Stages,” which explores one of Josh’s earliest musical loves — Broadway and Broadway musicals. Recorded before a live audience at the historic Los Angeles Theater in downtown L.A., JOSH GROBAN: STAGES LIVE brings some of the most iconic songs in the Broadway musical songbook to life. JOSH GROBAN: STAGES LIVE is part of special programming premiering on PBS stations beginning November 28, 2015 (check local...

  • Josh has announced new tour dates in the UK and Europe. See below for a list of dates and ticket information:

    Thurs-5-May-16 in Stockholm, SE at Waterfront Fri-06-May-16 in Oslo, NO at Koncerthus Sun-08-May-16 in Copenhagen, DK at Falconer Tue-10-May-16 in Berlin, DE at Tempodrom Wed-11-May-16 in Frankfort, DE at Alte Oper Fri-13-May-16 in Amsterdam, NL at Heineken Music Hall Sun-15-May-16 in Ghent, BE at Gent Capitole Tue-17-May-16 in Cardiff, UK at Motorpoint Wed-18-May-16 in...

  • Josh has announced new tour dates in South Africa!

    Tour Dates April 8 – Johannesburg – Coca Cola Dome April 10 – Durban – ICC April 12- Cape Town – Grand Arena April 13 – Cape Town – Grand Arena

    FOJG member ticket pre-sales are available now. Visit the FOJG section for information on how to purchase tickets.

  • Josh has announced 2 new shows for Florida. Tickets for FOJG Fanclub members are on sale now. See dates below: 2/28/2015 - Sarasota, FL at Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall 3/1/2016 - Clearwater, FL at Ruth Eckerd Hall

  • Incase you missed it, watch Josh's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live featuring performances from his new album stages and his hilarious sketch singing Donald Trump's Tweets:

    Josh Sings Donald Trump's Tweets:

    Josh Performs "What I Did For Love"

    "Josh Performs "Try To Remember"


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