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  • Look out for these new TV appearances with Josh! Catch BBC Breakfast News on BBC 1 on November 1st. He will be live on Good Morning America on November 30th performing "I'll Be Home For Christmas". He will also be live on NBC for the Christmas Tree Lighting on November 28th. Don't miss them! Check your local listings for show times.

  • Get excited Groban fans! Josh, as well as many other amazing artists and celebrities, will be joining together for the Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade Taping on ABC! The parade will tape in Disneyland (California) on November 10th and November 18th. It will also tape in Walt Disney World (Florida) on November 30th and December 1st.

  • Todays surprise is all about Josh's beautiful holiday song "Little Drummer Boy". Watch him discuss how he put the song together and how he picked out the sounds. Click below and enjoy!

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  • Don't miss Josh on The Paul O

  • Get ready for one of the coolest clips yet: Josh talks about 'It Came Upon a Midnight Clear', one of the many amazing songs from his latest holiday album, Noel. Watch him sing a piece of the song from the recording session. We hope you enjoy this pre-holiday gift!

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