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  • Josh will be performing "You Raise Me Up" with the African Children's Choir on The Ellen Degeneres Show tomorrow. Check your local listings for time and station.

  • For the Presale starting Thursday 4/26 at 10am local time go to the TV/TOUR page and click on the tour date you wish to purchase tickets for. Then click the BUY TICKETS link and enter the code AWAKE when prompted. This presale is for the following markets: Greenville, Norfolk, East Rutherford, Uniondale, Manchester, Albany, Uncasville, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Green Bay, St. Paul, Seattle, Nampa, Portland, Anaheim, Salt Lake City, Denver and Omaha. Stay tuned for more presales in...

  • New "Awake" Hot Seat VIP Packages at FOJG! We wanted to make you aware of a new offer available exclusively at the FOJG presale to members only. The FOJG presales begin 4/25 (with some markets at a later date). ( presale begins 4/26 in select markets - see Tour page for details) "Awake" Hot Seat VIP Package includes:

  • Due to scheduling conflicts we regretfully have to cancel the shows in Lyon on June 8th, Nice on June 10th in France and on June 12th in Zurich. We are very sorry for the inconvenience that this may cause you.


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