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  • Do you want to spend Friday night with...Josh? If so tune into BBC Radio 2 this Friday Feb. 16th at 1930 (7:30 PM UK time). Click HERE for more info.

  • Please check your local listings as JOSH GROBAN will appear on "The Charlie Rose Show" on PBS February 6th!

  • The JGF AWAKE Tour Kick-Off Auction is IN PROGRESS! You can bid on front row seats to concerts, backstage passes, sports jerseys which have been signed by Josh, signed copies of the new "With You" Hallmark CD, and more! You can also purchase a Josh button and have a chance to win concert tickets, backstage passes, or a signed Hallmark CD. All auction items have been donated by Josh, with all proceeds going to The Josh Groban Foundation. All auction items will end between 7 and 10 PM...

  • Josh has added yet another date to his very busy schedule. He will be at performing on February 12th with the BBC Concert Orchestra at the Mermaid Theatre in London for a pre-taped Radio 2 show to be broadcast on Feb. 16th.

  • The 'AWAKE' tour is almost here! Remember if you are a member of FOJG you will get an opportunity to win a chance to meet Josh on tour! Join now for this exclusive opportunity and also stay tuned for more tour related surprises for FOJG only!


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