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  • Josh is pleased to announce that one of his favorite musical artists, Angelique Kidjo will be the opening act for his 2007 "Awake" Tour. Also, Josh just recently had the honor of collaborating with Angelique on her forthcoming CD release. They recorded a beautiful rendition of the amazing song "Pearls."

  • We are pleased to announce The JGF AWAKE Tour Kickoff Auction, which runs January 28-February 5! You'll have a chance to win TWO FRONT ROW SEATS for each concert date on the tour, backstage passes, jerseys from the last tour which have been signed by Josh, and more! All auction items have been donated by Josh, with all proceeds going to The Josh Groban Foundation. Check back for the auction link right here on January 28!

  • As you all know Josh has been working very hard rehearsing for his upcoming AWAKE tour kicking off in Verona, NY. Feb. 17th. With that being said there have been rumors whether or not Josh will be able to make his GMTV appearance. Contrary to what was posted earlier Josh will be making his GMTV apperance in London. Also don't forget to catch Josh on a string of his TV appearances, see below for more details. More appearances coming soon! Charlie Rose - TBA Today Show - Feb. 7th Conan O'...

  • If you haven't heard Josh put out a Hallmark CD for Valentines Day. The album is only available at Hallmark Gold Crown Stores and is titled 'With You'. This exclusive album has two never before heard tracks and is a must have for a Josh fan. Head over to your local Hallmark Gold Crown store or check for more details.

  • Josh recently sat down with the TV Guide Channel to discuss his new album 'AWAKE and the 2007 tour. Be sure not to miss this exclusive interview! Friday, December 8th at 11:00pm ET/PT Saturday, December 9th at 10:00pm ET/PT Monday, December 10th at 3:00pm ET/PT


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