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  • Josh will release a new live digital single entitled, "Remember When It Rained," on February 11th. The song was recorded live in Houston during Josh’s 2013 “In The Round” tour and features vocals by tour opener, Judith Hill. “Remember When It Rains” was originally released on Josh’s 2003 breakout album, Closer. The song will be available for download and streaming worldwide."Here's a little valentines gift from me...

  • Read a new WSJ article highlighting Josh’s recently experiencing working with three musicians in HBO’s YoungArts Masterclass. Check out the feature by clicking here.

  • The Huffington Post has profiled Josh as a Twitter philosopher. Read the full article by clicking here.

  • Josh has contributed 5 song selections to the YoungArts MasterClass Spotify playlist. Check out the 5 songs that continue to inspire Josh by clicking here and read Josh’s commentary on why he picked each song.

  • Josh will star in the HBO special, Josh Groban: Sing Your Song: A YoungArts MasterClass, on January 21st. The 30 minute episode will air at 6:30 PM ET/PT on HBO. Watch the official episode trailer by clicking here.


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