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  • Josh salutes Jimmy Kimmel's achievements over the last 11 years during the 2000th episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Watch the video salute here or through the embed below.

  • Josh will help commemorate the 2000th episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live with a guest appearance on Monday, February 24th. The episode airs live at 11:35/10:35C through ABC.

  • Josh has a Valentine’s Day for you! Watch the video embed below or click here.

  • Happy Valentine's Day to the Josh Groban community! As a THANK YOU from Josh, we are excited to share a live recording of "Remember When It Rained" featuring Judith Hill. The song was originally released on Josh's breakout album, Closer, and recently recreated with help from Judith Hill while on the "In The Round" tour in fall 2013.Download “Remember When It Rained” on iTunes....

  • Just in time for Valentine’s Day, order the brand new Squared Up Raglan baseball tee from Josh. The shirt features 3 quarter length red sleeves on a super soft cotton jersey knit tee.To order it for yourself or someone you love, click here.


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