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  • Flash back to 2003 and watch Josh’s official music video for “Per Te” by clicking here or through the video embed below.

  • Catch Josh on an all new episode of The Crazy Ones, tonight at 9:30/8:30C on CBS. Get an inside look at the episode through this new behind-the-scenes video and don’t forget to set your DVR!

  • Join Josh and Stanford University for a free online course called ‘Creativity: Music To My Ears!.’ The course starts today, with enrollment available through this link.

  • Go behind the scenes with Josh on the set of The Crazy Ones. Josh will bring you along for a ride to the studio, a stop at wardrobe fitting, and on set.The Crazy Ones airs Thursdays at 9:30/8:30C in the US through CBS.

  • Get your tickets now!!! Josh is coming to Scranton, PA and Philadelphia, PA on August 26th and August 27th!! Both shows will feature local orchestration and is sure to create a memorable evening. General tickets are available to the public on May 4th with pre-sale tickets available today. Click the link below to purchase your tickets:8/26: Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain – Scranton, PA -...


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