Você Existe Em Mim.

Você Existe Em Mim.

From the concert: 
Paris, France - 10/03/2011
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Thank you very much for all your wonderful comments on my videos and photos:)
Incredible concert,fabulous Josh ♥

Bénédicte (Joshua)

Wow, what an amazing performance from Josh!! He was really enjoying the enthusiasm of the audience. So wonderful to watch, wished I could have been there.
Thanks for great video and your photos of Josh were fantastic too!

Thank you so very much for the great videos. These are some of the best videos from the tour. Paris fans were fabulous and certainly made Josh feel very loved and welcomed. Thanks again so much for sharing.

Magnificent!!!! Thanks for sharing. The audience was on fire and Josh was incredibly pumped. I love watching him in that state of mind. He is a wonderful drummer. I felt like jumping up and down and dancing.

Thanks again!


Thank you for this vid. I was there and it was an incredible moment. And the quality of your video is good. Thanks again

Phenomenal, Josh!!! Thanks for putting this amazing clip on!!! Paris audience is hyped over Josh-understandably, and he loves it!!!