Opening Minutes

Opening Minutes

From the concert: 
Orlando, FL - 10/29/2011
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Sorry I didn't edit before saving. 'Sometimes we right' should be 'sometimes we are right' But I am sure you got the drift. There is much to be sad about in this perpetual warfare world. Thank you so much, 4JIIM for posting such an excellent video.

"Straight to you" is such a very sad piece of music. It is inspired, and very beautiful, but I always get the impression, from both the tune and the worlds that it is a person who is being knocked around by this evil system of things. He wants to get out of it but has been kept in for various reasons that other people find good reasons. A bit like a slave, perhaps?

"Changing colours" is the only song that can follow that oh! so sad song. Sometimes we right to be sad over some things...

february song will follow tomorrow