Voce (the view from Row 6)

Voce (the view from Row 6)

From the concert: 
Providence, RI - 11/09/2011
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VOCE is one of my FAVORITE songs!!!!!


Porque nos tornamos tão pequenos diante de tão grandes sentimentos, acho que somos traídos por um coração bandido bjs Cris

Gostaria tanto de um dia ouvir sua voz de perto,talvez cantar com vc,
mas infelizmente somos separados por um imenso abismo,

Um poema para Josh! ♥

Tua Voz

Tua voz, força, vibração, movimento
Eu fragilidade cristalina, cristal
Tua voz vibra, me atinge, me abala
como um tremor de alta magnitude
E minha estrutura fica comprometida
Um sussurro teu...e desabo.

Tua voz é mar em profundidade abissal
Invisível aos olhos e de uma beleza instigante
Como o canto das sereias envolve e seduz
Um mistério... Quisera eu desvendá-lo
Ainda que desbravar esse mar
Deixasse-me na eterna deriva.

Tua voz é Vesúvio , Krakatoa, Kilauea
Ao seu toque nada permanece igual
Seu som transforma, molda radicalmente
Depois de sorver as palavras de tua boca
Não há mais voz, não há mais música
É só tua voz, só tua música.

Sua voz é tempestade de areia
Á sua chegada meus olhos fecham-se
E sinto seu toque me queimar
Sinto-me sufocar, me falta o ar
Faltam-me palavras, mobilidade
Então me aquieto, e calo.

Tua voz é poder de ciclone, de furacão
Me envolve, me arranca de mim
Me eleva e leva, tira-me do lugar comum
E minha alma gira, dança no teu ritmo
Até encontrar teu centro de calmaria
E em ti, minha tão ansiada paz.

That is my husband to be. Someone pinch me.

Thanks for sharing this video. Its great, josh has an amazing voice. He is always my all time favorite. Bless you so much.

Fiquei tão feliz ao ouvir Josh cantando no meu idioma!
Por esses e tantos outros motivos Josh é sem dúvida o artista mais completo que há!

Teus fãns do Brasil te amam!

I love the descriptions you had above of the forest, the drums, the volcano, everything! I try to visualize certain things in my mind even though I'm blind. It sounded like the feeling I get when I'm white water rafting and approaching the rapids. The anticipation, the way my heart beats harder and harder, and then the rush of excitment as I plung down and forward screaming the whole way. I don't do that anymore, but I will never forget my trip down Section 4 of the Chatuga river here in North Georgia. Yes, that's the one in the movie "Deliverance", and it's scary! HMmmmm: "Brave" sums that up too.

@KathyASully - the full song title is Você Existe Em Mim.

And thanks everyone. Glad you enjoyed the clip.


Thank you, great video! I was at this concert too, but in a nosebleed seat...I forget the name of this song but I love it...can anyone jog my memory?

Thank you, great video! I was at this concert too, but in a nosebleed seat...I forget the name of this song but I love it...can anyone jog my memory?

Great video thank you for sharing.

I loooove this song! Thanks for sharing! you rock!

Love it!! thanks for sharing:)

Muito obrigada Sr. Josh Groban por cantar em Português.
Thank you very much.

i loved seeing the video. it was great. you did a wonderful job. love your voice and the music you sing. hope to see you someday. it would be my dream come true when i get to see you.

Great video. Thanks, Josh for entertaining us. You are the best of the best. One day, I hope to see you in concert. It would be a dream come true for me. We love you!

Absolutamente belo, muito obrigada Josh.
Absolutly Beautifull, thank you very much Josh.

How cute!!!! He has got to say "SOL" right in this one!!!!! Lovely!!!!

Saw the Straight To You Tour in Cincinnati, Ohio in July 2011. Took my Granddaughter with me..we both loved it. By the way, she is a music major in college.

I love this song as always...

love the video it was fab and i have seen josh there a few times there because i lived there most iof my life he is good every where he sings I love when he plays the drums and has fun with the audience he is good on Kelly Live

Perfect! thanks for giving this honor to Brazilians! Love your music and how I can follow! I was gifted by my daughter with the Illuminations CD! I am very happy!

I had the Great Pleasure of seeing Josh Perform this 3 tiimes ! This was at his " STRAIGHT TO YOU " Tour dates 8/10/11 11/4/11 11/14/11 and each time was a really AWSOME !

I like the song , but the Music Makes It for me , as I don't speak the lanuage . A friend of mine heard this song as I played it for her and she Broke Down and Cried ! She just loved it and is now a fan ! She would LOVE Josh to do an Entire Album In Portugese !


I Equally Love to watch Josh Play The Drums !

His face is Soooooo EXPRESSIVE ! ! ! !

Josh did a GREAT Job with " LIVE AND LET DIE *" also done on " Straight To You " Tour !

As GREAT as Josh is on the drums , IT'S THAT GOLDEN VOICE that keeps US COMING BACK FOR MORE !

Thanks For SHARING the GREAT VIDEO with us !

What?!?! Isn't there a way to delete my comment??!?!?!!? All this because of my LAME internet connection...! pffff...ok, I've had enough embarrassment for a single day... Goodnight!! (and may the force be with me!!!)

WOOOOW!! chill out my friend laique!! I TRULLY appreciate your intentions (A HUGE THANK YOU from me) but... frankly... I don't believe this is the way things happen in this industry...! I mean... come on! It can't be that easy! And girl, it’s Josh Groban we are talking about!! Give me more time to do my prep work first! (ufff…! Let’s keep this conversation private now, shall we?)

Excellent :) and J Gro should hire MARLEI as an extra lyricist ;)

This is one of my fav's from Illuminations also. Portuguese song and I love the percussion. It was AWESOME LIVE ! Voce ! We are so fortunate that Josh decided at an early age to be a performer !! Thank you Josh Groban

Oh! Please, come to Brasil we want to see him sing this song with the band Dida and thrill us with all your talent! I love you!

this song captured me from the first moment! It is impossible to resist its rhythm. I ‘m afraid my English isn’t good enough to describe the feelings or the images I’ve been given even though they are “primitive” enough.
I feel like flying over a rainforest and the sound of drums progressively reaches me. It sounds a little tribal perhaps… I start feeling the vibes, I sway to the music.
And then I see this volcano. A celebration of love takes place on its peak. A warm, orange river flows down the volcano's slopes and the sound of drums takes over me!