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Tour Dates - Presale

blueeyessmiling's picture
on November 6, 2003 - 6:12pm

Finally - official word on Tour Dates - Presale - etc - so now I only have to figure out where I want to go and see Josh and how many times I can actually afford to go and see Josh - and the two might not mesh really well. I know I am headed to Radio City because that is probably the closest and easiest for me - but I really would love to do Philly - Wallingford - Providence - Baltimore and maybe DC - of course there is such a thing as a "budget" - hmm - food or Josh??? I could always do without the food ;-)

Choices - choices - choices - do you think my boss would give me a big raise so I can travel the globe during Josh's World Tour?????

At least now my nails might be able to grow least after Tuesday!

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