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Tax Classes

vijaykumar's picture
on November 13, 2003 - 8:38am

I received my final in tax classs today!! It's a take home final..and uses every form that the IRS has!! Our instructor says it should take us about 3 hours to do!! I find the class interesting...taxes are like a jig-saw puzzel..just have to make all the pieces fit!! LOL

I'm going to NYC in April..I am sooo excited about seeing Josh sing live again..I can hardly contain myself!! NYConnie is my date! LOL What fun we will have! I have never been to Radio City Music Hall so that is a treat also...most of my experience in NYC is Art Shows and shopping!! (My hubby's uncle has shows at the 1st Street Gallery every once in awhile and of course we are always invited!)

We are having a huge wind storm here in CNY today. I have to get off my puter just in case the lights go out! Have a good day everyone!!

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