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Josh on Ellen, and as the fan club turns...

vijaykumar's picture
on December 4, 2003 - 7:14am

Josh's eyes were all red as he sang on Ellen today, I couldn't help but think how hard it had to be for him to get up there and sing just having lost a member of his musical team (Reid). Such sad news, it had to be so hard to make that appearance. As ever, he's a trooper and keeps going and gives all of us even more reason to be proud of him.

I hope he gets some time alone to reflect and just decompress, just be with his parents if he wants, or whoever else brings him peace and comfort.

The lines have been drawn at fojg, and I wonder how long I'll last here. It's so hard to be a Stepford Fan when so much is going on that should be known. New fans may be taken advantage of by some around the fan scene if they're not warned. But apparently, this is not the place to discuss anything of the sort.

So I guess my involvement and posting here will be very limited. Likely two topics, as Henry Higgins suggested in My Fair Lady; "The weather, and everybody's health."

I'm sure someone will stumble across these journal entries eventually and then they'll be gone, too. But in the meantime, maybe someone will see them and be helped by them. In the two years I've been around the fans, I have learned a lot. I hate to see anyone else learn the hard way like I did.

Josh has so many wonderful fans. So many. People who do, give, and share. They need someone looking out for them.

Very sad morning today for me. Very sad indeed.

I can't believe that it's three weeks until Christmas...for once in my life, I actually wish it would snow.

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