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Becoming a Journaler and then Rambling on and on and on and on...

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on November 27, 2004 - 4:51pm

well, I see I am up to my usual slacker journaling again...I just am not a journaler...I want to be, I think it gives a good historical aspect to one's life if nothing else. You can put your goals, dreams, aspirations, etc. down in print, and see where you are and where you have been and all the crazy thoughts you had at a certain period in your life. Plus I think it keeps one humble, because you see in print later, how silly you may have been to think a certain way. In this case, so can everyone else on here! ACK!!! I do hope people take these journals with a grain of salt, and that just because we put down something doesn't necessarily mean that we will always think this way. I used to keep a diary when I was in 9th grade, and to look at it now, just cracks me up! Boy! What a dork! I am not sure I have truly grown up yet, and I am almost 40, but I hope my maturity has grown up more than when I was in 9th grade!
Good grief! That was ridiculous!
So I am going to try to get back on the wagon of journaling and see how long I can keep it up!!! I seriously don't think I can keep this up...I know I should believe in myself, but realistically, it is like going to the gym, unless one makes an appointment and lets nothing get in the way, then it just doesn't happen. I would say I am definitely a realist..I try to think positive mostly, because I think people who do are generally more successful, but I have to be realistic as well, and not just live on false hopes. Somewhere there is a balance. It is just not always easy to find.
I have really enjoyed getting to know the people who post on FOJG. They just make me smile! There are some good humorists on here!
As we all look forward to getting the Live at the Greek CD/DVD, and the pre-sale and all of the other coming appearances of our Josh, the excitement builds and builds!
I am not able to attend the Sioux City Iowa concert due to it being on a Friday Night. I keep the Sabbath, and it starts Sundown Friday and goes until Sundown Saturday, so the concert is not an option for me....I don't want to sound ungrateful or selfish, because Josh has been making so many appearances lately, and with the coming of the DVD, it sort of makes up for it.
I do wish he would come back to Omaha, even though it is really a great location to come to Sioux City, for both the Nebraska people and the Eastern Iowa people. But I also want him to do whatever he has to do, and not sacrifice on his rest or health just to do some more concerts. I know he will probably need some more studio time to cut another album, and that takes time also. But he knows what he needs to do best...I am thankful he has such good management.

Overall, I think the future looks incredibly exciting for Josh, and for us his true Grobanites. I am so grateful for FOJG and all it has to offer. I hardly ever go back to the anymore...not that I have anything against it....I don't...I just only have a certain amount of time on the computer and when you get to be such good friends and have such fun on the FOJG then the other gets a back seat. I also just love that more of Josh's music is on the Josh Groban Radio than on the free site.
Well, I have sufficiently rambled on and I will close...
See you next time!

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