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I Can Post Pictures Here, At FoJG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

joshluvver227's picture
on May 13, 2005 - 7:32am

Yippee!!!!!!!! I can post pictures on the Message Board here at FoJG!!!!!!!! It's a really very simple procedure; you browse for the picture that you want, open the file, then submit it along with your message. SIMPLE!!!!!!! I've posted fourteen pictures, so far, all in a matter of a few days!!!!!!!!!! I posted one pic in an Avatar thread, so that I could get an avatar to use here on the Board; four pics in the Favorite Pictures thread; four pictures in the Wicked Sexy thread; four pictures in the Sideburns thread; & one picture in a thread that I created myself, a thread entitled Desktop Pictures. I am having a BLAST!!!!! Posting pictures is FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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