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vijaykumar's picture
on March 13, 2006 - 4:10pm

Well I can't wait Tuesday is another physical therapy day and I get to see the hotty there which just makes my day. We have alot in common and we are close in age but who's to say I am his type. Went to see failure to launch was a good movie if you are looking to see one. My kids are finally winding down and starting to go to bed so my evening should be a litlle bit more relaxing and enjoyable also. I love my boys but there are days I want to just scream, my oldest son is so eager to learn and all he wants to do is do more where my litlle one is the devil child he loves to do dare devil stunts always into stuff , but at the same time can be sweet as apple pie when he wants to, all in all they bring a huge smile to my face and I just love them so much, even on the not so nice days. I know love always have a way of finding you but I have been by myself now for 2 years and want to have just a special someone in my life where I can have adult conversations and adult fun, I really didnt have time due to my focus was my kids and I wanted to make sure they were as comfortable and stable about losing there dad that they could handle any issue when the topic of dads came up in school where they wouldn't feel sad about the situation and want to cry, I think I did a pretty good job at the fact they can talk so open about there dad and know it is okay to feel sad at times but know he is watching over us.

I am now ready to spread my winds and start putting myself first and focus a little on myself and maybe start to have fun again, I feel like a old lady and the sad thing is I am not even 30 yet and I spend most of my time either at the gym or taking my kids to places, and it is just time now to have fun and the thing is I am ready now where before I wasn't . Well hopefully the hottie at the therapy session will work out but if not its life and there are others in my pond . Thanks for reading . Swecker

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