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not much going on

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on August 11, 2006 - 12:46am

its been a pretty crazy but boring week lately. work is busy as, since everyone has been sick, and we are doing the whole change over thing so theirs so much to be done. But it should be great when its all finished, it just means that I'm having to do even more hours than i normally do, why i accepted salary i will never know.

kara came and visited today, Jude is so gorgeous, hopefully her pram will come soon so she can bring harry in with her so we can have lunch. I really miss our chats.

Ellen had a beautiful baby girl the other week., georgia katherine, she is absolutely gorgeous

Greg is definitely back in brisbane, and i'm not sure how i feel about the whole situation. he came and delivered a letter at work the other day, but didn't ask to speak to me. he says we should talk and that he wants to be friends, the thing is i don't feel like i owe him anything, and their is nothing he could say that would make me want to have him back in my life. He then came in last friday, saturday and sunday, luckily it was my weekend off, so i didn't have to see him, and my kiddies were smart and wouldn't give him my roster or phone number. i just hate that he thinks he can just waltz on back into my life, like he never hurt me at all.
i think my main worry is, that despite what i say, if I actually came face to face with him again, would i just take him back, or will i have the strength to stay strong. will just have to wait and see

le gra agus lireacan

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