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When Life was too good

vijaykumar's picture
on August 11, 2006 - 6:02pm

You know, everyone goes through personal stuggles. I'm certainly no exception. Compaired to the trials of people in the middle east, fear, wounds, despair mine has absoulutely no significance. Thinking of the pain of those living in war zones, or those living with aids, 1 out of 5 dieing. Thousands across our globe homeless, frightened, hungry, sick or wounded..... Makes me feel petty for my own fears..Very petty. Having lived a life protected from violence or strife. Living a life blessed with no life threatening events. Like all, I've had to deal with the day to day fears, hurts, and personal delemas.

Today I have to fear an intrution in my life that I was unperpared for. For the first time in my life all was going my way. I'm at home after living away for many years and seeing a heavy toll on my husband, through thick and thin in the western world version of thick and thin, we pulled through. I've been so happy (despite my construction rant). I live in a country that is peaceful and accepting, I have a warm home, not a biggy compaired to the US standards, but warm, inviting and comfortable. I have my little lot of land in which to grow my veggies for the upcoming winter season, and every morning I get to walk my dog on the beach by the ocean, to spend time to pray. Life is good. At 49 my husband and I have been married 33 years. YUP figure it out folks, I was the perverbial child bride and my husband was 19, the pervibial child groom. We grew up togeather and we are each others best friends. When times were hard and I thought we wouldn't pull through togeather we did. We are each others best friends. For the first time in sooo many years, my mom looked at us and saw peace, and joy in our lives.

Today, confirmed that I'm in for many unpleasant medical proceedures. I'm so frightened. I've never really had to deal with invasive medicale proceedures yet. I've been blessed. Really blessed. Now for the first time I'm truly happy, I wake in the morning saying, yup life is good, thank you God, I've been dealt a hand full of fear. I'm so frightened of what's ahead..

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