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happy summer evening.......

Emmily's picture
on August 13, 2006 - 6:39pm

hey's it going tonight? well i hope you are with friends and fam...laughing over a bit from preston and steve or the chapal show....don't know if that is spelled right but the kids talk about it all the time....sounds funny. like something you would crack up at. anyway.....on this amazing sunday evening as the sun rests in the western sky and i say good bye to my summer i know it is time to turn and walk away.......from warm summer nights that seem to glow in the moon light and soft summer breezes that drift among dreams. i tell myself it will all return next year......will all come back to me. but in this world or turmoil, war and disbelief....i wonder sometimes if there will be a "next year". i know that sounds irrepressibly negative and defeated. and i don't ever like to sound like that. so i look to the future and the future is fall and then winter. so ya see where i'm going with my summer dreams fade my "beginnings" ...well.... begin. have always thought of sept as a beginning. being born in that month and always going back to school in that opportunities, new friends, new roads to travel. and what better time for josh's new cd to come forth. fall is the least of my fav seasons........the impatients all die and the leaves....once green and full of life and shade.... die and drift into the garden to guard and protect......cover the earth with a safe blanket of care. who rakes!? not me. O:) so the moon is not full tonight but brimming on the horizon....waiting for morning. that is when she shines. just before the sun makes an appearence. ok so yea i'm just going on and on tonight. so sorry josh. but what is a journal if ya can't just break out and give it your all consuming thoughts and mind. always thought thatis what a journal is for. but on another level.....i sometimes think i should gear my entry to josh and his career, focus some thoughts to him, and comment on....something...not sure what. i don't read most of the crap on the boards. my take on it is to just love his music and not worry about anything else...none of my business. hope he is well and happy.......what more can one ask for? i gotta go now pages that won't talk back to me....thank you. john's lyrics play in my mind and on the mac tonight. he has something to say ..... just like josh ...i hope the world will take the time to listen.

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