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vijaykumar's picture
on August 13, 2006 - 7:22pm

Wow I havent been on here and written in such a long time! Well second semester was awesome and I just have to say i LOVE college! But I'm kinda sad that i wont be there this fall....ok sure I will be in LONDON going to school but its going to be weird not being around all my friends all the time. I mean I'm sure I will make new ones and I alreay have gotten to know a few cool people who are going too. Which is actually more people than I knew last year when I was starting college. I'm really excited. Just have three weeks before I leave and I have a feeling that they are oging to be crazy. I really really really hope something good exciting happens like I meant and fall in love with some European movies star or prince. That would be awesome...or not...I just have that feeling that something big (good) should happen...or that i really really want it to. But God is in control and I just need to be patient.

on another note, hopefully josh's cd will come out while im in the UK...that would be awesome...and hopefully he will tour there too...but that prob wont be in europe for a long while...hmm maybe i can catch somewhere next fall when i go abroad again

but mostly im just waiting for something big to happen that will change my life...i just have that feeling...dont know if its just cuz thats what i wont or something else

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