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Return to normal ...

ObiWanCannoli's picture
on August 21, 2006 - 4:57am

So things seem to slowly be getting back to normal and last night, after the computer was shut down, Kyler was sleeping and I had folded the clothes that were in the dryer so that I could put the ones that were in the washer in it I decided that I could take a deep breath and let it out. Things seemed to be getting back to "normal." I hesitated getting excited about living in this townhouse - nearly the exact same one I left but two bedrooms and a loft instead of three bedrooms because I was afraid it would be ripped out from under me and I'd be disappointed again but it worked out and I'm happy about it. I actually like it with the 3rd bedroom being a loft instead of a bedroom -- it's cool to have all the computers in one room. Now we can all sit with our backs to each other in the SAME room rather than in different rooms hahahahaha! Not to mention I get to tell my oldest he can't come back and live with me because I don't have room heh heh ... JUST KIDDING! I love my oldest child and would never turn him away FYI. He irritates me but I irritate him so it balances out. I guess the saying is you get angry at someone because they exhibit the traits that you hate in yourself and that would be true for me and Mike, we're so alike that we get along like mixing water and oil. Ugh!!! Okay so like 5 days until Nancy comes and I'm so excited! Let the countdown begin! Oh! Gotta go get on the treadmill - it's 7! Love ya!

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