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Weightloss and Gazelles

vijaykumar's picture
on August 28, 2006 - 5:18am

Yesterday was a fun day. At lunch,I decided to talk to my husband about getting a piece of exercise equipement. I am over thay certain age for women and everything is dropping and expanding.We have also had a recent conversation about getting another animal.I have wanted another for a while but Gene thinks its best that we not get one.So yesterday at lunch I ,being the A.D.D. person that I am,dove head first into the dicuession about the equipment. I told my husband that I want to purchace a Gazelle. He got a very strange look on his face and said"Sure we will get a gazelle...We can put it out back with a horse and cow and just let them all graze togeather!" After I laughed so hard my mascara looked like Ricky the racoon,I told him It was a piece of exercise equipment.That was a little more reasonable for him.At least it's not an animal! So,I get my gazelle. The room will be ready for it by the end of the week. Well,I hope you all have a great day!Love to all in Groban town from Tyna.

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