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3 hours away

Emmily's picture
on August 30, 2006 - 7:43pm

hey.....i live my life 3 hours in reverse. i talk to friends at 10pm and wonder what the sky looks like as the sun sets over the mountains and shores of the pacific. i want to smell the air as the breeze settles upon the leaves and grass. i want to hear the ocean break upon the soft white sand and rocks of my favorite beach. want to make footprints there and feel the water on my toes. asking too much? some think that i am...... well i don't think so. pretty easy pretty simple in fact. not a mansion not a mercedes not a whole lot to ask. sigh yea this is about so much more. but i wish i could be there right now.......on a sweet sandy beach at sunset.....right now.....O:)

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