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he was grinning from ear-to-ear when he read it

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on September 1, 2006 - 7:30pm

I am so excited - my fat book made it to the dinner and Jack Groban read it! Thank you Gayle! She said he was grinning from ear-to-ear when he read it and he promised to share it with others. That was my happiest news of the day.

My second happiest news I got in TKD. Master Rolland and I were discussing the black belt test and what I had to do. I thought I would have to do all 10 forms, but he said all I had to do was one - Kumgang which is the form for a second degree black belt. The only problem is that he doesn't know it so he can't teach me. I have to teach myself. I looked at my book to see how hard it was going to be to do this and I was extremely pleased to see that it is an incredibly easy form. I won't have a problem learning it in six weeks and getting it perfect.

Then I asked him about the fitness part. I have to do 200 jumping jacks or 2 mile run. Mr. Kim wrote out my training schedule for me since he coaches track and field at the high school. I read it and told him that I thought he was trying to kill me. Me and the kids in demo class ran for 10 minutes which was on my training schedule. Dang, I could only run for about a minute before my legs got tired. I was frustrated and when I spoke to Master, he said that TKD doesn't make your legs strong for running, running makes your legs strong for TKD. Dang again. I guess I still have to run. I asked Master about the jumping jacks. In class we count one for each two we do, so I thought he meant I would end up actually doing 400, but he said no. If I count one for each, I only have to go up to 100. Tomorrow when I am not so dang tired, I will see how many I can do.

The only part I can't do yet - breaking. I got the brown re-breakable board out and tried and yes, my hand was hurting then Master says, "Hit it again." Oh crap. It's one thing to smash your fist to begin with, but to have to do it again when your hand already hurts it quite another. I did it, but did not break that freaking board. Master says, "I know you will break the bricks at testing, but the purpose today is to condition your hand." Thanks, that just makes my hand feel so much better.

I sparred Master really well. He got frustrated that he couldn't hit me with a head shot - ha ha! I kept blocking him. Unfortunately, I walked into a side kick and caught it twice as hard right in the ribs. Even though I had a chest protector on, it hurt so bad I doubled over. I was so pissed at myself. It was a stupid mistake. When I was leaving, Dave, Master and Juan were still there. Master asked me how old I was when I got my second degree (43) and Davd asked me how long I had to wait for my 3rd degree test. I told him 4 years. His eyes got big as he did the math and said, "You are 47?" I replied, "No I am 48." He stared at me and I asked him what was wrong. He said he was having a hard time believing I was that old. he he he This old lady still has it (some days).

Both classes were huge. I thought people would be away this weekend. I gave my sparring partner, Josh (that's a nice name) his new arm and shin guards on Wednesday. Today in class he kept looking at me for me to call him up to spar with him. He is a good sparring partner because unlike every other student in the class, he is not afraid to try to kick me although he hasn't developed the technique to do powerful kicks yet, but he has heart and won't stop sparring.

I have to work tomorrow in the pharmacy until 3, then me and Tony have to go hook up the new cd to the sound system and work on his monitor. After we are going to practice. Thursday he decides that we should sing the special on Sunday. Great.... He picked a song I don't know real well which worked out because he tells me I am singing the harmony (which normally I couldn't find with a road map) but since I don't know the melody, I am listening to the background vocals and learning the harmony part as the melody. The things I do to outsmart myself. He sings most of the song anyhow. Then when I get home I have to do two miles according to my training schedule and practice the form, do push ups and smash my poor hand against the board. The test is 6 weeks from today.

My life has been dull other than this, but it's okay. I am still struggling with the depression, but I have been winning the past couple of days. I did leave the deli and hour early to go home and catch a quick nap before class. It was nice. Well outta space - gotta stop.

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