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finished my first diary the other day

vijaykumar's picture
on September 6, 2006 - 10:47am

the other day i completed my first diary it was my older sister's Idea and i'm so glad i did it helps me just understand my self it let's me express my self ithout telling the whole world i'm only 15 and i write about love and how i want to find somebody who understand's me completly even if i don't my self who can literaly read me like a book i would normaly write some thing like this in my diary but i have to get another one i am acualy jelouse of my older sister she is Beautiful she's amazing she is very picky when it come's to guy's and there was a couple of guy's that i thought were keeper's put they just not what steph was looking for and my other older sister who is only like a year older than me i swear that girl like's every guy she see's ME personaly i would rather talk to a guy through letter's or e-mail before seeing him so that way our love was becuse we realy loved each other and not for the fact of how we looked on the outside even so beautiy is what's on the inside and i'm not saying that becuse i'm ugly i'v been told i was beautiful as a matter of fact when i was little i woman acualy thought i was an angel and about 3 or 4 year's ago my mom made the comment that i was asleep and i looked like an angel with my hair all around me . and my mom and dad has said more than once that i have a big hear and that make's me feel so wonderful inside i'm not writing this becuse i want a guy right now the truth is i'm waiting till i'm 18 it's a promise me and my sister made to my dad and it does not bother me i already have a guy on my mind that i'd rather not disscuse for many reasons so . i guess i better be going but i wil leave you a hint the guy i realy feel some thing for inspire's me with his words . i will most likely regret saying that but i'll take a chance well now i realy better be going i'v replayed
"you are loved like ten time's as i wrote this!

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