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Is there such a thing as eating too much watermelon?

ObiWanCannoli's picture
on September 6, 2006 - 6:11pm

So I probably got one of the last good watermelons of the year the other day at the store, they were only $4 - how could I say no? Anyway I cut it up today and made melon balls out of it - okay ha ha to me it's wayyy easier than cutting it into chunks *sticking tongue out* And of course I had to eat while I was *ehem* balling *snicker* and OMG I feel like I swallowed the bloody thing whole!!!!!! It's like drinking a gallon of water in like 5 minutes. I think I actually slosh when I walk -- it's disgusting!!!! I have had a stinking headache all day and I took my migraine pill when I got to work and it did go away -- for a while and then came back but OMG these ISS people came to our office today - *sigh* yah we're going quote: paperless :endquote. MMhmm NOT!!!!! There will ALWAYS be a papertrail -- mark my words, ALWAYS!!! So anyway one of the ISS girls kept staring at my desk :D My JOSH desk and I said go ahead and ask, I know you wanna and she smiled and said that's Josh right? I smiled back and nodded "yup" I said and she said a last name that sounded similar to Groban but wasn't so I had to correct her and she said oh he's singing too right? Again I said "yup" and she said well we'll have to find a Josh screensaver for you then and I was giddy like a 6 year old at Toys-R-Us!!!!! OMG If I could have a Josh screensaver @ work I would be THRILLED!!!!!!!!!! Oh happy day! Okay so we're moved in and did I tell you I actually like it here better than the other place? Well I like the two-bedroom with loft layout better than the 3 bedroom. My son is moving back from Maryland in a week or so and I have NO clue where I'm going to put him. *sigh* HELP!!!!!! Anybody want to house a 22 year old with dark, curly hair :D :D :D ???????

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