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a hard week

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on September 8, 2006 - 3:24am

sometimes you dont think the week could get any worse and then it does
monday morning i get to work, and donna rings me, her mother had taken a turn during the night, and was in hospital. Something is now wrong with her heart. her mother is the loveliest little Italian woman in the world, she doesn't speak a word of english, but we all just love her so much. She had just gotten the all clear for her cancer and now its friday and she's still in hospital. I'm just hoping and praying that she will be alright.
Monday afternoon, all Australians got a shock with the news that steve irwin had died. Steve was the true genuine aussie bloke. It was impossible not to do an impersonation anytime you had a BBQ or gathering, everytime my friends and i go to the farm, someone always pretends to be steve.
Steve was an aussie icon, but he was also someone that we jsut always saw and took for granted. he was always on the television doing the quarantine ads, or advertising the zoo and everything else. Lunch time at work has just been spent sharing our favourite moments, its still hard not to choke up when you think about what we have lost.
Today, Sue came up to me after lunch, and says have you gotten a phone call yet........since my mum had rung to tell us all about Steve Irwin,.............Peter Brock had been killed in a rally race today. Peter Brock, like steve irwin was a true aussie icon, we saw him everywhere, you can't turn on the television without seeing either of these people, and now both of them have been killed in the same week, doing something that they loved.

on a happier note, i'm having breakfast with don and helen in the morning which im really looking forward to. i'm going to see where they have hung the painting i did for them last week. Hopefully they still like it as much as i did. They really needed something to brighten up their place, it was pretty bland.........
le gra agus lireacan

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