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i will lift it for you

Emmily's picture
on September 8, 2006 - 6:41pm

hey....when i think of the times when i didn't want to come here anymore.....makes me sad now. because now there is a reason to come here. and of course there always was josh. i just didn't see you here anymore. i saw words that didn't make any sense to me and people saying things that had nothing to do with you. i had to walk away from it all. but never from you josh. you have and always will be in my heart. your music and the things you are trying to say with it will always be a very special place for me to be. so thank you once again josh for sharing your words and music with the world. "you are loved" will place a blanket of comfort upon the world and make us all believe once again in the kindness and endurance of the human spirit. now when i log on i hear slow, soulful piano cords....and then your amaZing voice backed by sweet strings of violins. your words tell me to not give up.......on myself, the world around me, or on my fellow person......and yes josh when you say it like that......i feel so loved. so to you i say tonight.......just like i said at the last concert...that we would NEVER let go.......i will not give up. thanks so much for shining your guide me.....O:) luv, your em XO:)

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