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I Pre-Ordered The Album!!!!!

joshluvver227's picture
on September 15, 2006 - 1:50pm

WOO HOO! I pre-ordered the 13-track version of the album yesterday online from Barnes & Noble!!!!! I am SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!! They don't have the title of the new album on their site, yet. Instead of the title "Awake", they have TBD, whatever THAT means. LOL! By pre-ordering I received a discount, so the total price I have to pay is very reasonable. I know I should have waited until FOJG had the album offered, just to see what versions were available, but I couldn't wait. Barnes & Noble was the first place online that I saw where I could pre-order the album, so I jumped at the chance to order. If there are other versions available for this album, like a limited edition or possibly an internet version, then I intend to order those versions, too. I did the same thing when "Closer" was released.

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